Sovietizing the Suburbs: Rule By Bureaucracy

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A critical media ought to be withering about Barack Obama’s plans to sovietize any American suburb deemed too white (barring his abodes, his vacation spots and the schools his daughters attend). Instead, pages upon pages of a Google search yield zero criticism of this racist, racialist and tyrannical infringement upon freedom of association, property rights and federalism.

What can one expect from a female “writer” at The Atlantic, reporting on the regulation called “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing”? A surfeit of affection and approval:

… Obama administration issues a new rule—and a mapping tool—that are designed to help communities address segregation. …

… On Wednesday, HUD took a big step toward fixing its own ineffectiveness, releasing a new rule that requires that cities and regions evaluate the presence of fair housing in their communities, submit reports detailing the presence of segregation and blight, and detail what they plan to do about it. Communities will be required to hold meetings or otherwise solicit public opinion about housing planning and integration every five years, and will have a new trove of resources to assess their progress.

“This important step will give local leaders the tools they need to provide all Americans with access to safe, affordable housing in communities that are rich with opportunity,” said HUD Secretary Julian Castro.

Parts of the new rule will take effect in 30 days.

By law, communities are expected to affirmatively further fair housing through the way they use federal funds, including Community Development Block Grants (used for a variety of development initiatives), public-housing-authority programs such as Housing Choice Vouchers and housing complexes, and HOME grants, which fund the development of affordable housing.

Since our local shysters vie for federal funds; they will be diligent about shattering established communities by busing in problem residents. Once again, middle-class Americans will bear the brunt of Obama’s bureaucracy.

The Atlantic‘s idiot “writer” seems to think that the neighborhood creates the individual, rather than the opposite: Individuals acting together create their neighborhoods. She solicits official vapor about “neighborhoods and communities marked by conditions of slum and blight,” [that] exclude people from well-resourced neighborhoods and communities” …