Stupid Bitch At Foggy Bottom*

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The display below is far more off-putting than Miley Cyrus’s hootchy hoopla. We pay for this stupid bitch to crack her whip at Foggy Bottom.*

In this State Department news conference, a reasonably intelligent, veteran newsman attempts to engage the schoolmarmish (but tartish) young spokeswoman in reasoned repartee. But he fails miserably to get a coherent reply from the low-watt bimbo (who, no doubt, hails from an Ivy League school).

And I thought Dana Perino, who came out of the Bush administration, was dumb. Affirmative action for ditzes like Dana means that press conferences look increasingly like the one you just watched.

Low-Watt Woman attempted to disguise in phony outrage her ignorance about the US’s historical use of the WMD ploy to invade other countries. She got defensive because someone dared to demonstrate that he was on to her.

* The U.S. Department of State.