Subways And Light Rail Are Sealed Sarcophaguses, COVID Incubators

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Washington State’s soulless technocrats are wasting billions in trying to stuff unwilling commuters into light rail sarcophaguses. Instead of the more traditional buses, a fraction of the cost, the collective of cretins that runs the state keeps digging up highways to put down tracks.

If we are to believe the elites, the dumb Demos have voted to expand this transit system so, like the State itself, light rail’s tentacles will reach into every community.

In the age of COVID, subways and light rail are a dubious proposition, although the latter are way worse.

Writes “Rising Serpent” on Twitter: “It takes elite level dumbfuckery to convince people that riding a subway—basically a porta potty on wheels hurtling though a dank, dark terribly ventilated underground system of tunnels with no air exchange—is safe, while going to a restaurant, church or gym is not.”

And it takes plebeian-level dumbfuckery to believe the elites.

One thought on “Subways And Light Rail Are Sealed Sarcophaguses, COVID Incubators

  1. Musil Protege

    I seem to recall Steve Sailer saying a decade or so ago that he had made one contribution to the then-popular website Stuff White People Like: “Riding on Public Transportation Other Than Buses.” There was something to that, I observed at the time. Still is. There’s a déclassé stigma attached to riding the bus in urban America, what with the big crime windows and the possibility of being seen by our neighbors in their Priuses. Besides, in multicultural cities there’s all those vibrant POC’s, everyone pretends to love.

    Metrosexuals and Woke Karens, however, love getting their Starbucks and their Kindle and their ear buds on, and getting on the train, so romantic, like having the Paris Metro in suburban Sacramento, plus we’re saving the environment and chilling at the same time.

    I must give you kudos for “plebeian-level dumbfuckery,” one of your particularly artistic turns of phrase. One of the best I’ve seen lately.

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