Survivalism, Resistance, Self-Defense For South Africans

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AS PROMISED, via friend and activist Dan Roodt, who writes:

People can join the Pro-Afrikaner Action Group (PRAAG) here:

Afrikaans (local):
English (international):

While PRAAG is driving the internet, media and strategic communications to inform and educate people about the imminent danger and options in facing it, we have teamed up with three other groups involved in community security. One of them, the Kommandokorps, is currently recruiting people all over the country into sixty district groups of about 1000 each, to be trained in self-defense and community security. Within the next few weeks and months we aim to have 60,000 trained people on the ground, able to protect and organise the communities where they are based.

I am also putting them in touch with a communications expert so that we can set up a country-wide radio network independent of all cellphone and landline infrastructure, with two-way radios in vehicles that will therefore function even when the power might be down, driven by the cars’ batteries.

Anyone should be able to get joint PRAAG/Kommandokorps membership for R75 per month, i.e. the equivalent of ten dollars per month. For that, they will also receive training in self-defense, how to make their home or farm environment safer and how to handle all kinds of weapons. They can simply join on the above website. The Kommandokorps is also holding meetings in various towns and suburbs almost every day of the week, attended by on average a thousand people every time.

There is another group called the Suidlanders who are counselling people to get out of the cities into rural areas, but we do not agree with that doctrine as we believe our chances of survival in our own homes and streets are better than in an unfamiliar rural area where food or water could run out and where large concentrations of people will be easily spotted from the air or from afar.

SA is definitely getting more and more unstable. The other day the black taxi drivers stormed the Union Buildings and got access to them, harassed and attacked motorists in Pretoria and generally caused mayhem in the capital.

The general expectation is that after the soccer world cup all hell will break loose as the ANC government will no longer have to put its best foot forward in dealing with white discontent. It will also have a free hand in implementing the second, radical phase of its revolution when all farmland and mining assets might be nationalised and “redistributed”, mainly to party officials, of course. So that gives us less than three months to get really organised.

I will follow-up with a more detailed, coherent and persuasive “call to arms,” which I will send to your Barely A Blog [now a repository for facts and analysis about what’s underway in our once glorious homeland, South Africa].



4 thoughts on “Survivalism, Resistance, Self-Defense For South Africans

  1. Riaan

    Dan does fantastic work. I have asked him how ex-pats can do one time donations for his trip. Hopefully he will provide a way. I think ALL white ex-pats should start supporting people like Dan and Ilana. Stop talking and help your fellow Afrikaners.

  2. james huggins

    Americans, you had better heed the events in South Africa. Don’t think having to fight for yours and your family’s very lives can’t happen here. It can.

  3. phil

    I think it would be very silly for city people to start gathering on farms outside the city. The only people that should be on farms are farmers and people directly responsible for the security of that farm or sector. What must however be done, is that the Afrikaners must be moved out of the squatter or refugee camps in which many now stay, into the small towns. These camps could end up the same as the Palestinian camps that were attacked by Habib in Lebanon, and become mass murder sites.

    [Excellent point; our readers don’t know about the new, poor white squatter camps outside Pretoria, for one. Please provide a hyperlink. And thanks for the translation a couple of posts back.—IM]

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