The Beast They Unleashed Turns On … White Liberals

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Four minutes and 23 seconds into this CNN segment (8/3/15), Van Jones (opposite Michael Thornton) insists that Joe Biden, essentially, is an old white man who cannot possibly cater to the rising racial justice and economic equality wings of the Democrat Party. Black Lives Matter, DREAMERS, and other racial-inclusion folks will not settle for a Joe Biden.

What have white liberals wrought?

The same obtains for socialist Bernie Sanders, over whom two African-American women rode racial roughshod, in the socialist city of Seattle. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes talks to Washington State Senator Pramila Jayapal who pretty much lays down the law for white liberals.

This is what the silent majority of this country is sick of.

The detestable, borderline retarded Pramila—an Indian import to our state, where she promotes the evils of socialism and the libel of a racist America—has disgorged a screed in which she blames Bernie and whitey in general for the ugly, irrational, inexcusable behavior of the quasi-black females who got in Sanders’ face.