The Daily Bitch Smears MAGA Jews

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The lefty formula is to call MAGA rioters Nazis and the Jews who join them—you heard me; ultra-religious Jews joined in!—dazed and confused.

Some whiny bitch boy at the Daily Bitch rats out and maligns his friend, coming up with a flurry of “insights“:

… my friend, who I’m not naming here because the only attention he deserves is from the FBI, joined buses full of Orthodox Jews from New York—including Aaron Mostofsky, the young man in the animal pelt costume seen taking a police officer’s shield and who was arrested days later—to join the neo-Nazis, QAnon conspiracists, and white nationalists at the day’s protests that became a riot. My friend had always struck me as quiet and shy. Not the kind of person who would attend any sort of political protest, let alone an armed insurrection.


One thought on “The Daily Bitch Smears MAGA Jews

  1. Becky Bee

    I’m not a subscriber to the DB so I was dismayed that I couldn’t read the rest of the nonsense. I’ve been seriously confused by the word “armed” in the mainstream diatribes which used to imply guns.

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