The Des Moines Desperado

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The Des Moines Register has bedecked the frontage of its online version with the advertised achievements of America’s sitting desperado in chief. Juxtaposed with Ron Paul’s “entrance poll” numbers on the same page, Obama’s “accomplishments,” which amount to increasing the national debt by many trillions of depreciated dollars, are a rude wake-up call for America. Could the silent majority in this great country of ours be awakening to the lies of mainstream media and their promiscuous spender? Just the thought brings tears to this cynic’s eyes. (Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews are visibly panicked. This too bodes well for our side.)

5 thoughts on “The Des Moines Desperado

  1. Rebel Without a Clause

    c. 7 PM PST: Santorum 24%, Romney 24%, Paul 22%. About half the precincts reporting, mostly rural, maybe 1/3 of the vote total. Not bad, but to became a major factor in subsequent primary states, Paul needs a clear-cut, >5% win. Not happening so far; maybe better result as larger, more urban precincts come in. Santorum result not really a surprise. Huckabee again: hardright social values, big govt corporate-liberal soft on illegals, and Christian-Zionist foreign policy.

  2. derek

    Hurray for the status quo! Everything is going swimmingly. No need for any departure from the present course.

  3. Reggie Meezer

    Victory in Iowa was stolen by the war party. Ron Paul wins the entrance polls but finishes 3rd??

    Stalin was right. All that matters is who counts the votes & how.

  4. My RON-PAUL i

    Ron Paul probably does better in the entrance polls because RP supporters are probably more eager to talk to reporters and show their enthusiasm (they are younger, etc.).

    Look, I support and contributed to RP but libertarianism is not majority opinion. Frankly, if there was an “on-line” poll of “Who is sexier? Schwarzenegger in his prime, Sophia Loren in her prime, or Ron Paul” – the on-line e-mail crew would stuff the ballot for Ron Paul.

    Winning actual votes is an uphill battle. He did a lot better than in 2008 but the “ancien regime” (Welfare-Warfare statists) have a lot of life left [the Dow is over 12000] – so I am not counting on a libertarian in the White House in 2012.

  5. Robert Glisson

    No one knows but those that were there; however, my guess is that everyone was for Ron Paul until it was time to punch out. “If I hit one of these other guys, we will crash and burn, someday. If I hit Paul, we will have to tighten our belts and it will hurt beginning Jan 21,next year for sure. However, if I hit Santorum, its should still crash and burn, but he’s close to God, maybe it won’t hurt as much as Paul… someday.” Click.

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