Paul In Black, White & Pink

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A December 2011 poll (16-18), taken by CNN/ORC, reveals that Ron Paul’s favorability among non-whites mirrors that of other GOPers. Hence, the fantasy that minorities will flock to liberty is just that, a fantasy.

While Barack Obama takes 72- and 57 percent respectively of the non-white and female vote, Ron Paul gets 25 and 41 percent of the same constituency. All the oozing over young Paul supporters aside, these numbers are yet more evidence that females and young voters lean left-liberal and are thus a hindrance to liberty: Obama garners the support of 53% of voters aged 18 to 34, to Paul’s 47%.

What was said in “RIP GOP” obtains: As the GOP goes, so goes the libertarian movement. Smug, self-satisfied left-libertarians like to dream that their constituency is differently derived, but the demographic facts are straightforward. The upshot of continued, unfettered, mass immigration—as it is currently practiced and preached by American central planners—is the triumph of tribalism, pillage politics, and left-liberalism.

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  1. Chris

    Great point, Ilana. Demographics are indeed destiny. As for party viability, GOP and libertarians will soon be joining the T-Rex as the U.S. fades to brown. You would think the primary imperative of a party would be to ensure its survival. Apparently it is better to be politically dead than racist.

    Stopping mass (third world) immigration won’t fix the mess. Birth rate differences between whites and non-whites will continue to erode each parties’ base. The only solution is a Whites only immigration policy. Fat chance getting support for that from GOP, much less libertarians.

  2. Greg

    I don’t understand why anyone would think minorities would flock to liberty. They do just the opposite by supporting big government. Black Americans are owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Democratic Party. The sad thing is that they don’t realize that they are slaves to Washington and their party.

  3. Robert Glisson

    My mind got stuck on secession a few minutes ago, another improbability I know. But I caught the thought. Whites and Asians have higher IQ than H and B. B and H are mainly in government positions because of easy access to employment and advancement. W & A everywhere else. If one can develop a Libertarian government, even in a state. Good schools, small government, no affirmative action, numbers are not the problem as much as the system. Example- South America- Ruled by Spanish Descendants (Mid-East/European officer and government supervisor class) The majority of poor Spanish/Indian (Enlisted) history. In a level playing field, the higher IQ,A-W-H-B would naturally rise percentage-wise. The main requirement is to keep it a level field where people succeed on merit and not allow affirmative action. The best of all races would naturally move to the highest level. Which is what most of us want, to be unfeddered and responsible to ourselves.

  4. My RON-PAUL i

    Another demographic trend is old baby boomers (like me) screwing young people by stealing their money for “Social Security” and “Medicare” OR (because the government will try to postpone these effects) working to older ages and thus freezing off job opportunities. [Come again, Myron? How is a productive, smart person like yourself stealing from someone who has never worked a day in his or her life? What’s with these pangs of liberal guilt?]
    But most of the young are either too silly to see it or have been brainwashed by socialistic pedagogues.

    The trouble here is when the US went from a limited government republic of laws to a democracy of plunder (of the minority by the majority). A big departure point for me was 1896 when the Democratic party was taken over by inflationary debtors (Bryan) on the way to the WELFARE state. Simultaneously, the Republican party was taken over by plutocratic imperialists (McKinley) on the way to the WARFARE state. The two parties increased government in both areas to appeal to the greed and paranoia of the masses – hence we now have Big Government Conservatism vs. Big Government Liberalism with the main difference being ethnic/religious rather than over ideology.

    Your analysis of the hopelessness of libertarianism is also correct – between minorities not inclined for liberty and government dependents, it is almost impossible to return to small government.

  5. Fred Cummins

    I would say at this juncture that logic is not going to play. We need a radical Constitutionalist to bring on the conflict or revolution. Paul is the only person to do that and if it is not done we can put our blogs and liberties away forever. I believe that we are at THE Crossroad not A Crossroad.

  6. My RON-PAUL i

    (1) Ilana – ignoring my specific case – some “generic” baby boomer, “Elvis Ringo”, has been “contributing” (at gunpoint) into Social(ist) (in)Security for 30 plus years and now gets told that retirement age has been pushed to 70 or higher – – – PLUS with looming deficit/inflation endangering any independent “savings” that he might have put aside, Elvis feels compelled to work another 5 or 10 years. Thus, his position at XX University or YY Corporation does not become “available” to some young person. Additionally, that young person eventually has to PAY for Elvis’s retirement because Elvis’s “contributions” were dropped on Saddam or payed for a previous generation’s retirement. Hence I feel somewhat guilty that “one generation has a right to bind another” (this is a quote from Thomas Jefferson):

    Social Security and Medicare have become the chains to bind the next generation – perhaps they will realize it. If it takes an alliance of young dope smoking “leftist libertarians” and old Christian “rightist libertarians” to restore freedom, I have no problems there.

    (2) Robert Glisson – some people think that Jews have high IQ’s and high incomes but they tend to vote for some of the worst statist wealth confiscators.

  7. Dennis

    Hello Fred, Radical Constitutionalists are out there, but their voices are not heeded since “Rule of Law and the Republic” cries mean little to those who seek to bleed others.

    Hello RP, I addressed SocSec, etc a few years ago in a reply or email to Ilana. Since you have no choice other than fines, penalties, forfeitures, and jail – nor does your employer – then I believe IT IS SELF-DEFENSE of your financial situation to file and to accept the INSURANCE BENEFITS YOU HAVE PAID FOR, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY VIA YOUR EMPLOYER, without guilt!

    Concerning the other points, does “ANTHEM” ring a bell? “VIRTUE OF SELFISHNESS”?

    REMEMBER: It is the Government and the Politicians who have broken the Covenant with the Citizens of the U.S.

  8. Robert Glisson

    “How is a productive, smart person like yourself stealing from someone who has never worked a day in his or her life? What’s with these pangs of liberal guilt?]” I don’t know what Myron would/will answer; but, I know of at least one blog site that often lambasts the ‘Baby Boomer Generation’ for our use of Social Security, and Medicare. It’s all, our fault and from the tone of a lot of the commentators, we need weed the older generation out. Just because we paid into the programs doesn’t count; it’s because they were instituted by the congressmen we elected and we are cheating the younger generation out of their inheritance. We are called “Greedy” as a lesser insult to what they really think of us. So, Myron, I can relate. I don’t feel guilty; I’m going to sit on my big ol candy mountain of SS and gloat though. When we quit sending the Palestinians money to buy Chinese rockets, um-m… maybe.

  9. Abelard Lindsey

    The interesting thing is that Ron Paul, himself, is pro-immigration.

  10. Robert Glisson

    Abelard: Please go to Here is Ron Paul on Immigration. Please read the whole thing; Mr. Paul gives an explanation of everything. He explains in detail and if you can still get the “Pro-Immigration” concept out of that, I’ll send you a cigar.

    Myron: I said; “numbers are not the problem as much as the system.” When the country first started, only certain parties could vote. One, needs to have a system of voting that allows the “providers” and not the “takers” to handle the purse strings. I’m not proposing a form of government, just pointing out something else to consider. High five Dennis.

  11. My RON-PAUL i

    (1) It is not so much guilt as ANGER as I have a daughter and I feel sorry for young people whom we are ENSLAVING with DEBT. Yes, the politicians promised all of us “non-existent” money as Napolitano points out – but one day, this system has got to be changed.

    (2) Demographic ironies – many libertarians and conservatives love immigration of “coolie” immigrants into the US who then, in turn support socialism. On the flip side, leftists generally love abortion – and blacks have 4 times the abortion rate of whites (for Hispanics, it is 2x). Two different examples of slowly modifying the electorate against ones own interests.

  12. Dennis

    Just some follow-up…

    A Detroit radio personality, Mark Scott (RIP), years ago voiced that only PROPERTY OWNERS should be allowed to vote since they, as a group, would have the most to lose, a position your book takes. If Cannibal’s Pot is any indication, Scott was right.

    What is in place now is the equivalent of voting to reinstate slavery just because a majority of voters approved of it. It no longer matters that it is a violation of freedom, a violation of the Constitution, and is barbaric.

    O’s appointment of Cordray…Cordray has stated that the new Consumer Protection group overrides the Constitution!

    Myron, your daughter, grandkids, etc. must be educated about this impending disaster and reject the Keynesian / Krugman B.S. If not, the theft will get worse, e.g. Today, Fannie and Freddie getting more power to lend more non-existent money to sub-par borrowers.

    ps: Glisson…High Five back at ya!

  13. derek

    Why does Alan Dershowitz have to do this? He is linking Paul to deniers and anti-Semites. Every powerful group from GOP to the Dems is bringing out the kitchen sink in trying to sink Ron Paul. Paul is either the worst man of the twenty-first century, or he is actually correct and threatens too many entrenched interests, your pick.

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