The Father Or The Son?

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Ron Paul is the elder statesman, Rand Paul is scrappy and fit for a fight. And you do know that breaking free from the moochers and the looters, if at all possible, is going to necessitate a fight. I used to wonder about Rand’s deadpan delivery. But a poker face is just what the doctor ordered together with those revolutionary statements.

“SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): ‘With regard to the idea of whether you have a right to health care, you have realize what that implies. It’s not an abstraction. I’m a physician. That means you have a right to come to my house and conscript me. It means you believe in slavery.'” (RealClearPolitics)

Read the entire statement; it’s beautifully put.

To libertarians what Rand Paul said is real clear. We often describe the fabricated (positive) right to health care as a right to conscript doctors in the service of humanity. For what else does it mean? (“Protesters for a public plan have the right to seek out a doctor and pay him for his services; they have no claim to the products of his labor, and no right to enlist the State to compel third parties to pay for those products.”) But to hear a man who sits in the ossified Senate echo the natural law is just wonderful.

The other day, Rand Paul was quizzed about the absence of entitlement reform in his five-year budget plan. Without flinching, Rand replied that he chose to do away with whole departments, instead.

11 thoughts on “The Father Or The Son?

  1. Steve Hogan

    Jefferson did not write, “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…at someone else’s expense.” Liberty for one person is meaningless without allowing others the same.

    The “right” to health care or any other product or service is nothing but a plea for the proverbial free lunch. There is no free lunch. Someone must always pay.

  2. My RON PAUL i

    At 74, Ron is probably a bit old to be running for President but he does articulate the truth (which, translated into Mainstream Media-ese means he is a “nutcase”).

    Gary Johnson, not perfect (nor is R.P.) is generally a friend of freedom and the eternal (vs. “living”) Constitution. I see how Lew Rockwell trashes him but then they go after every “deviation” from their idea of perfection (I can only guess that Ilana’s “crime” was, aside utter intellectual independence, to do with Israel, immigration, minarchism, absence of Utopianism, etc) which, of course, is not conducive to actually raising a liberty “coalition” that can win elections. I would certainly prefer a Gary Johnson over the Bushes and Obamas and Romneys that get offered up by the Mainstream…

    Rand has had his flubs but the fight for the remnants of the small-r republics of America (as opposed to the Leviathan whereby Presidents march everyone to war on a whim) needs all the fighters it can.

  3. Andy

    When Rand Paul was running in Kentucky I wasn’t quite sure what to make of him. His Neocon-Lite foreign policy statement gave me some doubts as to how much his father had rubbed off on him and his willingness to raise the debt limit gave me pause. I was hoping that once he got to D.C. he would see (and smell) the sausage factory for what it was and lean more constitutionalist in his opinions. It starting to sound like he is and that’s a god thing.

  4. Sioux

    Socialist Rep. Bernie Sanders doesn’t get it. After Sen.Paul made his “slave” statement, Sanders asked a govt.employed physician whether she felt like a slave – she said no. She took up a spot in medical school knowing she would never enter private practice and work as hard as a doctor who graduated in 1960 would have worked once. In projecting how many physicians will be needed now and in the future, old formulae won’t work – we will need twice as many “slaves” with their non-vested 8-5 mentality (this applies to both men and women).

  5. Sioux

    Will we on the Right forever be forced to pick from the best of the worse? I guess the Lefties could say the same thing.

  6. Greg

    The left, in particular will not let the use of the word slavery go unpunished. How dare a well off white man say he could be made to feel like a slave. The majority of people in this country are ignorant and can not think below the surface. I believe Rand will not go unpunished for this remark. The sick, perverted media will do everything they can to destroy him and his father. I’m willing to bet a years pay on this.

  7. Keltin

    I love your brain, Ilana! You are so economical with your words, so directly on target, and so in synch with my thoughts that I’ve held for so many years. I’m glad to see that you don’t defer to the ‘feel good’ side of issues, but are a truly principled thinker. Especially your reaction to the NATO/US involvement in Libya. Obviously, it’s not spectacularly popular, but is so true to spirit and form, that it makes me want to run another mile, just to use up that energy reading your blog gives me.

  8. james huggins

    Greg, you had better take a good look at yourself. You’re starting to sound like me and everybody knows what a radical grouch I am.

  9. Roy Bleckert

    Did U notice C Wallace does not address the Israel issue Sunday like was done on the S Carolina debate

    B/c if you’re losing the debate one tactic is to ignore it & maybe that’s what C Wallace determined ?

    I also liked the way Ron turned the tables on Pakistan by sighting W Bush … Classic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ron is doing a much better job at aggressively making his points & not just thinking peeps will get it by just stating your thoughts & then just backing off

    This bodes well.

    Sometimes that hail Mary pass scores against all odds

    Its easy to point out everything that can go wrong

    But it takes Guts , Hard Work & Dogged Determination …….

    If You’re Gonna WIN IT !!!!!!!!!!!

    [Please provide links to the issue you are discussing. Also, see Posting Policy: full sentences and words, etc, so everyone can get it.]

  10. Greg

    Thanks James H! When it comes to this subject I am a grouch. I get so frustrated when I hear neocons talk anymore. Ron Paul will win the debates if they stick to the issues. I certainly don’t trust the media.

  11. Roy Bleckert

    I am dyslexic so their is a certain amount of torture you have to deal with me & my writing LOLLL !!!!!

    One reason you get a lot of double spaces

    I have to Thank Ilana for editing my stuff when she has time.

    Also thanks to the other great writers on here , trying to read your writing helps also.

    Here is the Juan Williams article about the S Carolina debate & address in part Israel ? in which C Wallace was also a panelist

    Here is the C Wallace interview a few days later of Ron Paul , which there was no ? at all on Israel

    [Hey Roy; we’ve spoken on radio. I know how verbal and intelligent you are. That’s why I try and make you make my life easier. We all spell check our letters. How many readers have written in to correct me? Very many, and every day.—IM]

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