The John (Eliot Spitzer) & The Mindless Schoolmarm (Kathleen Parker)

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We can all agree that Eliot Spitzer did his most ethical work as a John, between the sheets with the hooker with whom he was caught. Before that he was a politician who persecuted the productive class.

“Parker Spitzer,” CNN’s new current-events program, is easily the most repulsive thing on TV. More so than “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

I’d never have guessed, though, that I’d prefer Spitzer’s open statism to Kathleen Parker’s coy conformity. The New York Times stated that “Ms. Parker does not bring to CNN Mr. Spitzer’s propensity for controversy.” That’s an understatement.

Parker, we are told, is a Pulitzer prize winner. That tells me as much about that journalistic honor than Obama’s peace prize tells me about the Nobel Prize. Not only does this woman, Parker, not express a thought in opposition to her partner’s; she doesn’t express a thought.

Today the creepy couple entertained the king of Keynesians, economist Paul Krugman. Both offered plaudits to his predictive brilliance. Neither one challenged his warped history and economics. Yesterday it was the gorgeous model and ditz Paulina, and the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy. Both called the tea partiers savages. Nobody was smart enough to point out the differences between the Revolution in France, as Edmund Burke referred to this barbaric turning point in history, and the American Revolution.

Parker is a wound-up, tight-lipped, prissy schoolmarm—which is not a bad thing at all. I like prim and proper. It’s the dumb statist that I don’t much dig.

“Parker Spitzer” is self-congratulatory, pompous Beltway banter.

It needs to fail.

6 thoughts on “The John (Eliot Spitzer) & The Mindless Schoolmarm (Kathleen Parker)

  1. George Pal

    The MSM Method On How To Make New Friends and Influence People.

    “It worked for me” – Kathleen Parker

    1. Say “Clinton should not have been impeached”; tell everyone how big a fan of Obama you are.

    You’re off to a good start. You’ve just made “rational” conservative.

    2. Refer to Tea Party protestors as “teabaggers” and evangelical Christians as “gorillas” and “low brows”.

    Nicely done. You just gained the Strange New Respect of the people who matter.

    3. The next step is difficult; Say it loud and say it proud. “It’s only because I’m a conservative basher that I’m now recognized”,

    Congratulations! You’ve just won a Pulitzer and a gig on CNN.

    4. You’ve arrived girl; now on to the top. Start putting out for Spitzer – make him look studly, and CNN cool. I know, I know; just close you eyes and think Peabody.

  2. Roger Chaillet

    “Socks.” That’s his new nickname. He used to wear black dress socks while “cavorting” with the young lass.

    BTW, why wasn’t he charged with money laundering and violation of the Mann Act?

    Wait a minute.

    I know why.

    For the same reason Ted Kennedy was not charged and convicted for involuntary manslaughter.

    Because these two buffoons are members of the Ivy League “intelligentsia.”

    Now I understand.

    I do. I really do.

    Some animals on the farm are more equal than others.

    At least when it comes to whoring around.

  3. Barbara Grant

    What are the CNN programming goons trying to do, promote Sarah Palin? Because that may be one result of the idiotic concept behind this new “show.” Haven’t they yet gotten the notion into their heads that most Americans hate Beltway creatures? The glib talkers; the self-congratulatory “intellectuals;” the folks with more Ivy League credentials than most Americans would seek (or desire) to achieve within three generations of their families: these are reviled by the American people, many of whom are just trying to get the money together for their next (unsubsidized) mortgage payment and send their kids to school on their own nickel(s.) Who needs this host and hostess; and how do they speak to the situations that real Americans contend with every day?

    They don’t. And I suspect that if CNN and other networks continue to feature shows with non-entities like these two, Palin will be the better for it. Although a war-monger with demonstrated inability to do the (governor) job for which she was elected, she is out there in the spotlight, standing as a beacon to frustrated Americans who, like her and her family, have had to pay their own way.

  4. Robert Glisson

    CNN is struggling right now. From the leader in reporting twenty years ago to last place now. They’re grasping straws to survive. In the present Wonderland, or should I say Fairyland,Fantasia; that is American television, what else can they do?

  5. james huggins

    Yes, Sarah is standing out there in the spotlight as a beacon to frustrated Americans. More power to her. I don’t endorse all of her positions but I think she is a great American and I respect her greatly. I believe she did a pretty god job as Governor before she was hounded out of office by her political enemies with the threat of financial ruin. If she runs for President will I vote for her? In the primaries I don’t know. It depends on a lot of things. If she wins the nomination you bet I’ll vote for her. That won’t be the time for sitting back and appearing wise while she runs against some leftist carnivore like BHO or Hillary.

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