The Last Refuge Of A Brussels Or British Scoundrel: Bureaucracy

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Republicans have The Romney Rule Or Rule 40(b) which they passed to thwart Ron Paul’s chances. The same GOP scoundrels still hope they can use sleight of hand to change the rules at Convention to defeat Donald Trump.

Brussels has a bureaucracy so formidable, it hopes to mire Briton Brexiters in rules and bamboozle the poor people who voted to leave, so that they’ll never notice something called “Article 50,” necessary for departure, is never triggered.

This is mandarin mambo-jumbo for pulling a fast one on the voters:.

Britain “may never” trigger the formal divorce process with the EU despite last week’s referendum in which the country voted to leave, EU diplomats said Sunday.

“My personal belief is they will never notify” the EU about their intention to leave, a senior EU diplomat said on condition of anonymity.

A state leaving the EU must formally notify the European Council of all 28 EU leaders under Article 50 of the 2007 Lisbon Treaty, setting the clock ticking on a two-year period for Britain to negotiate its divorce.

“We want London to trigger Article 50 now, to have clarity. I expect, as we can’t force them, for them to take their time,” the diplomat added.

“And I would not exclude, it’s my personal belief, that they may never do it.”

The official did not specify if he believed Britain would avoid it by holding a new referendum, or simply dragging out the process to extract a better divorce deal, but said all such decisions were up to London.