The Value Of Lying

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While we’re on the subject of liars and the lies they tell, a Values Voter Summit took place in Washington earlier today.

Read about John Boehner’s deceptions in this WSJ report.

Contra Boehner, the Democrats did not bankrupt the country; Bush did the dues before them; Barack is finishing what Bush began. The Republicans can’t “take our country back”; and Democrats have no more undermined national security than the Republicans did under Bush.

At the valueless summit, a straw poll was held and some straw men selected as favorites for president in 2012. Some learning curve, Middle America!

Huckabee grabbed nearly 29 percent of the vote. “Romney, Pawlenty, Palin and Pence each won roughly 12 percent of the 597 votes cast.”

Does anyone know if this hapless lot even invited Ron Paul?

14 thoughts on “The Value Of Lying

  1. Myron Pauli

    The Christian Socialist caucus (an actual party in Austria) met and YEEHAW Huck beat out Universal HealthCare MITT and Sarah “I’m cute but I quit” PALIN – oh wow. Big F*** yawn.

    “Take the country back” – namely take over the plush federal executive jobs, give contracts to their buddies, send more troops to turn Moslem Neanderthals into “democracies”, teach abstinence education to illiterates, keep Girmo open, deploy missiles that don’t work, put men on Mars, and bust the budget – Republican style.

    “The country” should NOT be a 4 trillion dollar playtoy for the rival Republican or Democratic gangs to “take”. Individuals should run their own lives – espcially medical care and education of children – not the state.

  2. Haym

    Paul and Santorum asked their names to be removed from the ballot according to the Christian Science Monitor.

  3. Robert Glisson

    According to the “straw poll” link, Ron Paul was listed as one of the contenders for the position, but was as always ignored by the Republican hierarchy. However, this whole ‘straw poll’ thing is part of just another- Republican insider conference, like a ‘Star Trek con’ which only has “cult value” and gets them some free publicity. Everything is still the same rhetoric that Mr. Goldwater started in 1964, when he actually meant it, and the Republicans that followed don’t have enough imagination to improve on. It only tells us that there is no change in the Republican Party. We are still alone.

  4. M. B. Moon

    Because in much wisdom there is much grief, and increasing knowledge results in increasing pain. Ecclesiastes 1:18

    Ah, good. I thought I might have been in hell.

  5. Roy Bleckert

    The rest of the story is (short version)

    Poppy was a set up man for Clintoon, who handed off to Dubya, who threw the touchdown pass to Capt’n 0 ?

    They were all working towards the same objective.

  6. Myron Pauli

    The sad reality is that Ron Paul will be 75 in 2012. Perhaps ex-Governor Johnson of New Mexico would be credible if he is non-interventionist (I think so!) – see

    Some of the newer Paulistas (Rand Paul in KY or Peter Schiff in CT…) ,if they win, may be credible candidates when the economy tanks. Otherwise, the Republicans may as well nominate Hamid Karzai for President of the USA in my humble opinion.

    In fact, if we are going to WRECK the country by statism (the specific labels of socialism, fascism, communism, Nazism, Obammunism don’t have much meaning these days…), I would prefer that the Statist-In-Chief honestly speak Statist-Dialect so that the ideas get completely repudiated when they fail – rather than some Dubya/Dole/McCain/Hoover bozo who talks “freedom” and “capitalism”, delivers statism-debt-incompetency, with capitalism being scapegoated for having “failed”.

    Anyway, what really animates these “VALUES” voters are condoms in schools, gay marriages, etc. As a father, I’d concede that their concerns are far from frivolous, but they should follow the example of our Great Leader Messiah Obama and send their children to PRIVATE SCHOOLS. We do not need “socialism for the soul” anymore than “socialism for the body”.

  7. The Freeholder

    And there was no one before Bush 43 that overspent, like Clinton or Bush 41 or…? Come on, politicians have been overspending since there were politicians–this isn’t something that originated recently.

    I’ll agree that the difference between the two parties is a bucket of warm…whatever. If we want the country back, I expect we’re going to have to do it ourselves.

  8. M. B. Moon

    “The sad reality is that Ron Paul will be 75 in 2012. ” Myron

    Moses was 80 when he started the Exodus.

    Moses was eighty years old and Aaron eighty-three, when they spoke to Pharaoh. Exodus 7:7

  9. Robert Glisson

    “Moses was eighty years old and Aaron eighty-three, when they spoke to Pharaoh. Exodus 7:7” Yes, and he ended up with 70 advisers, and six hundred thirteen laws, rules and regulations for a million people.

    [I wish this was our lot. This was mostly a moral code intended for a moral people—lots of imperative to do good, etc; hardly worthy of the broad brush you paint of rigid regulation. That is, unless I misunderstood you.]

    We have three hundred million people, a relationship to Congress and ten thousand laws.

    [Come again?!! I wish! The US has hundreds of thousands of laws. “We have immigration and deportation laws, as well as laws against treason, hate crimes, murder, and conspiracy to commit murder. Not counting state and local government laws, authors Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton tallied 56,009 pages of laws in the U.S. Code, 134,488 pages of regulatory laws in the Code of Federal Regulation and more than 68,107 pages of laws in the Federal Register. ‘The Federal Law is further augmented by more than 2,756 volumes of judicial precedent,’ they write in The Tyranny of Good Intentions. And that was back in 2000! C’mon guys!]

    Sorry but we don’t need another Moses striking rocks and that’s what it would take to get this congress’s attention. I don’t mean to sound argumentative, just don’t know any other way to say it than being plain spoken. However, I do have an alternative (Being an ex-New Mexican, if it’s possible to disenfranchise from NM) really like Myron’s comment on Johnson, though not until twenty sixteen when only draconian measures will work to rebuild this country. The country will be still salvageable in 2012 and only a band aid would be applied by the powers that be. By 2016, only surgery will work and if Rand Paul, Peter Schiff and other libertarians are available, we got a shot.

  10. M. B. Moon

    Although Moses was one hundred and twenty years old when he died, his eye was not dim, nor his vigor abated. Deuteronomy 34:7

    My point was the narrow one that Ron Paul’s age need not be a disqualification. What is needed in a President is wisdom, not the energy to try to micromanage the country.

    And He buried him in the valley in the land of Moab, … Deuteronomy 34:6

    Now that is an honor, personal burial by the Lord Himself (Sorry, if OT, but I could not resist).

  11. Robert Glisson

    No you did not misunderstand me, my writing was to blame. To clarify my hasty comment; I was making a comparison to the daunting job ahead. I have an understanding of the 613 commandments/ instructions. They have a tendency to lead to joy,(Broad brush yes, Rigid law no) I said ten thousand laws because I had heard that number once. I knew we had an overabundance of laws; however, when I read “Obama snickering” the first time the numbers overwhelmed me and I forgot. I don’t remember how many times I have stated my support for Ron Paul, and I don’t want to reiterate that fact; however, I hear his name as a synonym for “messiah’ too often across the Conservative/Libertarian net. It frightens me to think that we may pin all our hope on one man and see him reduced to cannon fodder, leaving us with nothing to stand on. Moses was denied entry into the promised land because he got frustrated, I meant to point out that the Congress of today, is a constant frustration.

    [Understood. Of course you are right about not elevating politics, not ever.]

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