They’re Coming For Your Kids!

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“Imagine: One day you’re frolicking in the open air on a large compound, doing your daily chores, and feasting on hearty homegrown fare; the next you’re gagging on a diet of T&A courtesy of MTV, and fast-food compliments of your fat foster mom. As the makeshift mom hollers at you to swallow your zombifying meds—the Texas foster care system is notorious for pumping its charges full of psychotropic drugs—her flaccid live-in lover eyes you lustily.”

As I write, many of the kids kidnapped by Texas rangers from the Yearning for Zion ranch are being scattered across the state to far-flung group homes and shelters. In the land of the free and home of the brave hundreds of children can be rounded up and removed from their families based on a hunch or a hoax. No hue and cry will ensue—not from professional civil libertarians, nor from members of the unwatchful dogs in the media, or from presidential candidates vying to uphold—or is it just to hold—the Constitution.”

The excerpt is from my new column, “They’re Coming For Your Kids!” The column leads the WND Commentary Page for Friday, April 25.

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  1. Marie Attard

    Re: Jennifer

    Your quote: “…to men or cold-hearted men who fornicate with multiple women without giving them any promise of even emotional security in return.”

    Are you talking about the many men in our society? The Jerry Springer and Maury Povich shows parade them in front of our eyes every day of the week. Should we take their children and the children of the producers of these shows as well as the children of any male, or female married to such a male, and put their children in foster care? Should the children of any unfaithful, separated, divorced or single parent be put in foster care because they live in less than ideal cicumstances? Should the children of any parent who hopes to marry them eventually be taken away from him/her and call marriage an abuse? After all, Texas hss legal marriage age of 14 till 2005 when the law was changed to 16! The marriage of Mary, mother of Jesus, to Joseph would have been called by these ridiculous zealots an abuse. It was arranged and she was no more than 15 or 16 at the time! This is all too faulty logic and an outragious violation of every human right so far respected in this land! Now two boys are missing from the wonderful Texas CPS! What should we think about their competence? We already know about their self interest and cruelty. Are the boys going to just vanish to be sold into some perverted sexual slavery, killed or carved up for organs? The truth is we do not know. How can anyone condone this terror? It is becoming clear that what these people are really accused of is their religion, not any actual abuse. Where are the defenders of the Constitution? Boy, our freedom is evaporating ever so fast! For other “Christians”, your time is coming soon. You too have been already marked as “brainwashed” by many despots of the last century.

  2. Szasz

    A brief “reality-check” courtesy of one of the founders, Thomas Jefferson:

    “When the government fears the people, you have liberty. When the people fear the government, you have tyranny.”

    Ilana “rules” on this one . . . well-written, Ilana.


  3. Jennifer

    “Would the police be justified in locking up every adult for homicide, and only letting them go until they had somehow proved they never killed anyone?”

    It’s not really the same, as the question here is, “Did they raise these kids in a potentialy dangerous way” and what they’re basically wanting the mothers to prove is whether they did just that. Plus, the sect “neighborhoods” are so closely knit together they really don’t compare to a general neighborhood.

    Still, you’ve got a point. The mommas would be guilty of negligence of their teenage daughters, at worst, and how can the law prove that? The five-year-olds aren’t the ones who get married off, so they have nothing to offer the police after being taken.

    “taking 400+ kids with the help of an armored personnel carrier, and then forcing the mothers to prove they are fit to get their kids back, is nuts.”

    You’re right, the mothers shouldn’t be the ones who have to prove themselves fit. They’re not the ones who made the rules of the sect.

  4. EN

    “I don’t recall even mentioning foster care.

    Jennifer, where do you think the government is sending them? Wether you mentioned them, or not, it’s factually taking place. Did you think they’re were going to some government heaven where free choice and happy days are endless? It was always going to be the end result of this raid. It was always going

    “You like the pictures of chaste, innocent children? They won’t last”

    I’m sure their innocence will last longer in the compound then it will in foster care or on some “ranch” for “troubled” teens.

    “I’ll make it very clear what I’d like: I want for these women to have a free choice, to get their babies back and to teach THEM free choice as well.”

    Did you know it’s a choice already? The adult women are not forced to stay and what would you do if they chose to go back? Many of them want that right now and that’s the one thing the government of Texas is not going to give them. Your version of free choice is different then mine and your relationship with cause and affect is a little shaky to say the least.

    [Right you are; this is not about granting free choice, it’s about infantilizing and patronizing women, who, to me, sounded very coherent. (I bet Jennifer is big on us teaching those Iraqis about freedom too.) It’s about enforcing Jennifer’s Law, against which, by the way, the Founders devised a Bill or Rights that applies to creepy people too. As my column states clearly, due process was aborted: no probable cause existed and the right to a trial where the accused confront their accuser—never happened. To defend this life-style policing is despicable.—IM]

  5. Jennifer

    Marie, there’s a difference between fornication in general and more or less selling underaged girls to older men. This is a sect, if you recall; a closed-off group of society that isolates its members from the rest of the world and has been known to abandon them or throw them out if they don’t cooperate. If you’re worried about freedom of choice, you should be worried about how the sect leaders, not the government, treats these people.

    [If one has not violated the law, one of the basic rights an American retains is the right to be LEFT THE HELL ALONE by government and by the busy-body brigade.—IM]

  6. Szasz

    Judge Walther, Texas CPS officials, Janet Reno, and the rest of the “holier-than-thou” state-elitists who are forcibly “dictating” OUR country’s constricting moral destiny according to THEIR own adolescent, self-righteous perspectives, from the comfort of their Citizen-Taxpayer-provided positions of empowerment, need not ONLY be REMINDED of the “deliberate” nature of a “system” that is suggested by the words of the Constitution and its astute authors – – – which these incompetents were hired to uphold and REPRESENT – – – but, they should, perhaps as a “home-school” assignment, be made to realize their own egregious failure(s)-to-perform specific assigned duties in an “unbiased” manner by reading just a little from the likes of Orwell, Kafka, and others, such as Ilana.

    These “officials” are retained by “The People” to implement the system through the “fair” procedures of the LAW, not to immaturely or emotionally disregard those sacred procedures to further or enhance their own, personal agendas. It’s known as, “Due Diligence,” commonly performed prior to taking any such drastic, irreparable action in behalf of “The People.”

    I hope the abhorrent lack of any professionalism – – – let alone the absence of any mere thoughtfulness – – – they were charged with bringing to their “positions” will be made to come back and haunt them. This incident is beyond an embarrassment to OUR “system.” It is shameful. Another iconic example of Justice, Texas-style:
    “Shoot First; Ask Questions Later.”

    Franz Kafka, (circa 1917):

    “All human errors are of impatience, a premature breaking off of methodical procedure, an apparent fencing-in of only what is apparently at issue.”

    “If it had been possible to build the Tower of Babel without ascending it, the work would have been permitted.”

    “When one has once accepted and absorbed Evil, it no longer demands to be believed.”


  7. John Danforth

    Boy, I’m sure glad I’m not a Christian. So when they come to round up Jennifer, I’ll be safe. Unless they decide to round me up for not being Christian.

    And look at all those children being brainwashed in Obama’s church. I think they should all be rounded up and taught to respek America.

    Seriously, modern Nazis turn my stomach.

  8. Sandra Tatz

    I have read your piece with utter distress. I have not seen my intuitive fears expressed in words before and so cogently.

    Here in Oz we have a history of another sort of removal. It has slowed to a large extent but this was the picture up to a few years ago: The official department of community services (DOCS) responds to “reports” of child abuse (!) and then encourages the child/dren to divorce their parents and become independent with the support of the department. These are most often girls who then mother babies while still infants themselves. This produces government support and as more children bring in more support there is a great incentive to produce babies. The future is bleak for all. There is no older generation to give guidance, support or even food on a regular basis. The department is stretched to breaking point and fails to respond to the needs of the now deserted young mother, and abuse carries on to the next generation.

    It’s a great world we live in. Here, too, there is more space on supermarket shelves given to pet food and needs than to real food. And more is spent per capita on animals than on children.

  9. Jennifer

    “If one has not violated the law, one of the basic rights an American retains is the right to be LEFT THE HELL ALONE”

    In other words brainwashing, manipulation, ans life-control are okay as long as they’re done by people other than the government. Nice: the law according to ultra-liberals.

    And btw: marrying underaged children to pedophiles IS illegal.

    [One of the prerequisite of writing on this blog as specified is the Posting Policy is that readers have modicum of familiarity with their hosts’ writing and perspective. This writer is a classical liberal. An Old Rightist. That means a liberal of the 19th century, which is actually a woman of the right. Do some reading on this site. Return when you’ve read up. I’ve been as hospitable as possible with someone who appears to be utterly incurious about liberty.—IM]

  10. Barbara Grant

    Jennifer and others:

    Please take a look at this, here:

    FCC proposed regulations will negatively impact K-LOVE, the premier Christian music station, in such a way that Christian radio may not be heard again in some areas.

    What this means is that people who might benefit from this ministry will no longer be able to hear Christian radio and the Gospel message from that station, and will likely be unaware that they can contact staff pastors for prayer support during troubled times.

    Why is this happening? Because Christians are “next” on the “undesirables” list, right behind the FLDS. It won’t affect me in the short term because I attend a megachurch, and no one’s cutting off my access to information–yet. But what about Christians and particularly others who need to hear the message, who do not live in areas where it is broadcast?

    Argue back and forth all you wish about the FLDS, their practices, and the nature of cults, but please realize that you are not immune from the same government mentality that will eagerly work to stamp out your faith if it does not comport with government-sanctioned doctrine. Please realize that biblical truth is not the issue here–abuse of power is.

  11. Szasz

    Suddenly Sardonic:

    After a read of “Updated: The Hildebeest to Level the Lending Industry” (, wherein Ilana shares a couple of ironic quotes regarding the two “Demolition Party” candidates:
    [The worst part of all this is how Hillary audaciously framers her Fabian plank as quintessential Americanism: “We need to secure the marketplace and put reforms in place right now…”] and [“…Barak Hussein Obama is matching Hillary word-for-word. He has also promised to curb “abusive practices”…]
    It occurs to me how much in common this (lack of) rational thinking has with the official “tantrum” that just took place in Texas.

    Rather than a thorough, cognitive analysis resulting in “appropriate” and LAWFUL actions thoughtfully designed to solve the perceived problem(s), all of the principal “characters” in BOTH of these sick scenarios simply want to “jump-up-and-down” and “do something”. . . “right now!”

    In both cases, “change” for the sake of “change” is ultimately a recipe for disaster.

    Especially so when it is presumptive and impetuous.

    A conspiracy of ignorance belonging nowhere near positions of power or leadership.


  12. EN

    “All human errors are of impatience, a premature breaking off of methodical procedure, an apparent fencing-in of only what is apparently at issue.”

    I’m not a big Kafka fan, but that’s a great quote if the context is the law?

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