Twisting Like Cirque du Soleil Contortionists To Ignore Anti-Whiteness

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Nigel Farage, a very clever Briton (see “BREXIT: It Takes Brains To Understand Liberty“), popped in on Laura  Ingraham, the other evening. There, on “The Ingraham Angle,” he committed a non sequitur—all in the service of not mentioning “anti-whiteness.”

Conservatives will twist like Cirque du Soleil contortionists, to avoid dubbing as anti-white the Black Lives Matter dangerous monomania.

The non sequitur logical error is when a conclusion doesn’t follow from a premise.

Here is Farage’s non sequitur:

“Socialism is dead in England,” he concluded. That conclusion was meant to follow from his premise. His premise was that the British were fed up with the Black Lives Matter agitprop and other antics.

But from the fact that Britons are fed-up with BLM—it doesn’t follow that socialism is dead in Britain.

This is because socialism is not central in the BLM list of coups; socialism is BLM’s secondary program. It doesn’t feature compared to the central aim of terrorizing whites. BLM is working predominantly to marginalize and cancel whites.

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One thought on “Twisting Like Cirque du Soleil Contortionists To Ignore Anti-Whiteness

  1. Musil Protege

    So Ol’ Nige is afraid to call a you-know-what a you-know-what. I was afraid he was spending too much time with the Fox people in America, back during the height of Trumpism. Brits always get de-fanged in the States.

    I can imagine the possibility that the left may at some point assert that it’s racist to be anti-socialist, that using socialism as a pejorative is one of those evil code words (as they did with “states rights” 50+ years ago). If that happens it will be very interesting to see how Conservatism Inc. reacts. What new contortion can you force upon a pretzel? Interestingly enough, the last time I saw Cirque du Soleil, all the contortionists were Asians. The White performers were apparently incapable of doing anything but be a clown. Think about that.

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