Updated: The Real Huge Hogs in the Baldwin Blowup



What are the chances that Alec Baldwin’s daughter is a “rude, thoughtless little pig“?

If most of America’s kids and all Hollywood’s adults and their little hogs fit the description—then I’d say Baldwin was on the money.

What is the likelihood the family courts in this country have denied the actor his legal custodial rights? Given the family court system’s stellar record in railroading an overwhelming majority of petitioning dad, I’d say Baldwin’s case against the courts is as credible as his case against his daughter’s conduct. (I bet you that the incriminating tape of the actor trying to discipline his daughter long-distance was leaked to the media by the alleged little pig.)

As to those flapping like black crows over Baldwin, telling us that words are as bad as bruises, and demanding Baldwin be arrested or slapped with a restraining order (as if his access to the kid is not already severely restricted): How did my father put it? This is the Age of the Idiot.

As to Baldwin himself: He’s intense (that’s good), witty, and extremely well-spoken (as opposed to most of his interviewers). He is also fired up about fathers’ lack of rights, and would make a fine spokesman for this cause.

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Update: Thanks Alex for bringing up Baldwin’s acting. I’m a fan too. He has a presence—and in particualr, he can be terrifying. I love that. I enjoyed his performances in films such as “Malice,” and “The Edge.” But then I like a well-performed thriller with a good story.