UPDATED (11/16/021): WATCH: How ‘Renewable’ Technologies Trash The Environment, Hurt The World’s Poor And Its Critters

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NEW ON YouTube: How ‘Renewable’ Technologies Trash The Environment, Hurt The World’s Poor And Its Critters:

Elon Musk, heavily subsidized by the State, trashes the environment with his “Commie Cars,” namely his electrical cars.

These discharge into the environment lead, cadmium and nickel—the byproducts of batteries. Their impact on the environment has been shown to be way worse than that of the gasoline-powered car.

The most important lesson in environmentalism—which is beyond the low-IQ left’s comprehension abilities—is this: The more efficient the source of energy, the less waste and pollution are involved in its conversion into energy. Think of the totality of the production process! The fewer resources used in bringing a fuel to market, the cleaner and cheaper is the process.

Yes, renewables are environmentally toxic: Instead of relying on glorious, clean gasoline — gaseous President Joe Brandon prefers to clear cut land—complex ecosystems—to make way for that ‘apex predator,’ the killer en masse of birds: the wind turbine.”

UPDATE (11/16/021):

I am a green, as in being particularly pro-environment, pro-ecosystems and animals, but not in the sense of being a Climate Idolator and worshiper. That’s a distraction from the Real World we inhabit.

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