UPDATED: ‘We Need To Do A Lot Less & A Lot Sooner Around The World’

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Rep. Ron Paul: “There is no authority in the Constitution for the welfare state, the warfare state, and the police state. … If you learn about, fight for and promote free-market economics, I can guarantee that you will sleep better at night; you will enjoy your life, and you will feel like you are doing something worth while. Defend liberty.” This innocent, impish, almost awkward man can make those tears well in your eyes.

UPDATE (Feb. 13): Patrick Cleburne of VDARE.COM has captured the mood at FoxNews as “Ron Paul Wins Presidential Straw Poll at CPAC – Again Feb 12, 2001”: bad-tempered.

Read on as to why Ron Paul is serious about sovereignty issues too; always has been.

8 thoughts on “UPDATED: ‘We Need To Do A Lot Less & A Lot Sooner Around The World’

  1. Greg

    Congressman Paul is right. The problem is that there are very few like Ron Paul serving in Congress. How do you overcome the problem of a dumbed down citizenry that doesn’t know that we are a constitutional republic, although we no longer function like one. I would love to see a Paul-Bachmann ticket though.

  2. My RON PAUL i

    “Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof” – Leviticus 25 and the Liberty Bell. I regret that I did not attend CPAC like I did several years ago to hear my man.

    Of course, some of us understand the meaning of liberty and freedom. Sadly, the political majority believe more in the perverted FDR version of “freedom”:


    which includes a WELFARE STATE “Freedom from Want” and a POLICE/WARFARE STATE “Freedom from Fear. Hence a Social Security, Fannie Mae, Prescription Drug Plan etc. to free us from “want”. And to get our “Freedom from fear”, we bomb Pushtuns abroad and fondle 4 years olds at home.

    It is nice to see Dr. Paul being upbeat and also encouraging that there are young “Conservatives” that are not the Bushian neocon-plutocract Big Government “Compassionate” Conservative types. I also applaud Ron Paul for taking on the problem rather than just engage in cheap personal attacks on “Obama Pelosi Reid” like the Fox News Republican hacks who ignore the growth in the Warfare-Welfare Leviathan that occurred under a Republican Congress and President.

    However, with the political parties, mainstream media, special interests and academia against us, LIBERTY has a steep uphill struggle.

  3. David Smith

    Oh my goodness, to hear the refreshing sounds of simple constitutionalism! This is the vision of the country I believe in. This is the exceptionalism I can embrace. This is the vision of our founders.

    The fact that this all sounds quaint, antique, and naive to the vast majority in law and government today is an indictment against them, not those who still dare to espouse such a vision. I am increasingly disgusted at those who pooh pooh “isolationists”, for example, rebuking them for not assuming their “moral obligations” (noblesse oblige?) to meddle and make the world safe for democracy, as if they are errant adolescents shirking their responsibilities to keep the grass mowed and to take out the trash.

    I don’t know that a unified US has any chance, but I do know that the vision Ron Paul casts, quaint and naive as it may seem, is the one I want and wish to pass on to my posterity, not the cynical one of the Neo-con/Progressive/Leftist/Liberal bunch.

  4. Roy Bleckert

    The Younger peeps are getting behind the Ron Paul message in greater numbers, this bodes well for our long term future

    The hard work comes in convincing the ever expanding older folks who just love their neocon/libtard/government/nanny state control

  5. My RON PAUL i

    Roy – it is not just wanting or not wanting state control. It is quite possible that inflation or other economic hanky panky wipes out whatever savings that old people have. Then you can add in Socialistic Medical regulations (by State as well as Federal governments) and ipso facto, granny and grandpa are pretty much left to the whims of Social Security and Medicare. Well, the old people VOTE in big numbers and the unfunded “promises” made to us baby boomers by political hacks long dead like Humphrey, Nixon, etc. may force young people to show up in the streets demanding a revolution just like the young in Egypt…. hard to say but demographics for 2030 look quite ominous.

  6. Roy Bleckert

    My Ron – You make some salient points & you bring out the 600 # gorilla in the room, while some of these baby boomers are going to cash in on the government confiscation of others wealth & transferring it to them …..

    Most of em are not going to get what they think their going to get

    This is the concept they will come to realize one way or the other …the concept of reality

    When that happens is the time for Liberty to blossom !

  7. Stephen Hayes

    I love Ron Paul for all the reasons that liberals probably hate him. He is plain spoken, natural, sincere, real, unpolished, and the truth flows out of him from the heart because he believes what he says. There is no hypocrisy in him.

    Limbaugh said Ron Paul will not get the nomination, and this is probably true, but he can speak, and when he does, it is his heart that comes through. He strikes a chord with people. He says things that everyone instinctively knows are true. Even the liberals know this, and that is why they hate him.

    Testimony of the truth is never wasted. I say God bless Ron Paul. He’s not slick, he’s not polished or glib or smooth. The RINO’s may well be embarrassed by him because he is just too, too simple for them. I think he’s too real for them, and for that reason they fear him. And just so, they fear us. They don’t want us listening to him.

    What we need are more politicians who are real and plain spoken and truthful. Truth is good. Who’d o’ thunk it?

  8. Tony

    @ Greg
    A Paul-Bachmann ticket?
    You mean Michelle Bachman, who voted on monday to extend parts of the PATRIOT Act; that monstrosity that rapes the 4th amendment?
    She also feels it is government’s job to stick its nose in people’s personal relationships, through her support for banning gay marriages or any equivalent.
    Bachmann is a fraud who only pays lip service to the constitution while taking an oath to uphold it.
    A Paul-Paul ticket? Seems great.
    A Paul-Napolitano ticket? Sounds wonderful.
    A Paul-Bachmann ticket? Way for Ron Paul to damage his credibility, and completely lose the support of a lot of libertarians that are anti-war, anti-police state and feel that it’s none of the government’s business who people want to marry.

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