It Takes a Man… Or A Merkel

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Be it in Africa or Arabia, liberals labor under the romantic delusion that the effects of millennia of development-resistant, fatalistic, superstitious, and cruel cultures can be cured by Facebook, an infusion of foreign aid, or by the removal of the Mubaraks and Mugabes of the respective regions. I hope they are right about Egypt. My non-interventionist, libertarian inclinations jibe with a certain detachment about the events on both the Egyptian and Iranian street. (See “Let’s Fret About Our Own Tyrants.”) I’m nothing if not consistent. As I said (“Frankly, My Dear Egyptians, I Don’t Give a Damn”), “I wish the Egyptians better luck with their next ‘son of 60 dogs’ — that’s an Egyptian expression for political master.”

So far, I’m buoyed by the peacefulness of the protest; Egyptians clearly wish to get on with the business of building their lives. Maintaining the peace with Israel would be an organic extension of the admirable restraint exhibited by the demonstrating Egyptians. Besides, what’s wrong with peace? However, American media have not paused long enough from slobbering to express what German Chancellor Angela Merkel has enunciated (“Merkel: Egypt must keep peace with Israel”):

[Merkerl] welcomed Egyptian President Mubarak’s departure in the face of pro-democracy protests as “a historic change” and a “day of great joy.”
But, Merkel said, “We also expect the future Egyptians governments will uphold peace in the Middle East and respect the treaties concluded with Israel, and that Israel’s safety will be guaranteed.”
Israel’s greatest concern has been that its 1979 peace treaty with Egypt might not survive under a new government, especially if Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood – the largest and most organized opposition group – gains influence. The Brotherhood has opposed the treaty.

Trust a German woman to keep her wits about her. Merkle also has a good record of refusing to heed the hedonist B. Hussein Obama (an agitator from Chicago), who urged her to print and inflate her country’s currency to Weimar-Republic levels.

2 thoughts on “It Takes a Man… Or A Merkel

  1. CompassionateFascist

    In a last-ditch effort to sustain the Mubarak kleptocracy, Israel gave Egypt permission to put some troops into what (officially) has been Egyptian territory for some years now: the Sinai. Didn’t work. I seriously doubt that Israel has anything to fear from the mighty (corrupt) Egyptian military, Treaty or no Treaty. Now, those Hezbollah guys in S. Lebanon have a million displaced Palestinians squatting on their land, them I’d worry about.

  2. Myron Pauli

    Angie and Maggie (Merkel and Thatcher) both studied physical sciences. Something about studying physics and chemistry makes for (what in New Yawk “Guys N Dolls” terminology) is a “tough broad”. Ironically, they were some of the few European leaders in the last generation with any ba**s.

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