What The Effing ‘Children’ Cost YOU

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The Takers, tax consumers, want the Makers, the so-called rich, to support their parasitical life style. And the Über-parasites, the politicians, make the most of this state-of-affairs, otherwise known as human nature. For evidence of the power of the constituency that claims what’s YOURS on behalf of THEIR effing children, look no further than your property taxes. More than 50 percent of mine are garnished for “Local School Support.” “Port, Fire, Hospital, Library” constitute a minuscule 5 percent of the property-tax bill. Law enforcement is not even itemized. So when you’re told that budget cuts will hurt the police and sheriff departments across your state (here)—understand that said budget is probably already tiny and will be getting tinier in service of the Our Children, ignorance—the worst in the developed world—is unaffected by the money we are compelled to spend in furtherance of that legendary ignorance.

If you pay property taxes, please tell us at BAB what percentage your state extracts for the benefit of The Effing, Ignorant Kids.

9 thoughts on “What The Effing ‘Children’ Cost YOU

  1. derek

    I’m from Missouri and I receive two annual property tax bills from my county, home and auto. On my home 83% was for the local school district, while it was 64% on my car. Keep in mind the former bill is around 10 times higher than the latter. Note, it is my county and not the state that is collecting.

    In addition, my city government hits us with an annual property tax bill on our homes. This bill, though only a fourth of the county one, does not break out the components of the tax.

  2. Flannel Avenger

    My Wake County NC property tax statement indicates that approximately 73% of my tax money will go to the public school system (Itemized as 50.432% Operating Expenses and 22.160% Capital Expenditures)(source: My last tax bill of 11/2010).

    This, of course, does not include state funds, lottery funds, federal funds, grants, and God only knows what other monies are being funneled into the racket that is the public school system.

  3. Myron Pauli

    When I was paying for private school, I paid property taxes to educate
    children in a county where the median income is $ 102,499. This pays
    high salaries to union teachers like the baseball coach my daughter
    has who “teaches” history by: (a) giving trivia tests to see if
    children can cram 15 pages of the book onto an index card and (b)
    showing movies about Greeks or Romans the rest of the time.

    Community colleges teach kids in their 20’s material that used to be
    taught in High School or in 7th or 8th grade in earlier generations.
    Kids are staying longer in school learning less and less. The
    teachers assign computer-based learning and sit back and pretend to
    teach…. and those are the classroom teachers. For every “real
    teacher”, we have a “special ed” teacher to deal with the unteachables
    and a “bureaucrat” to just monitor leaving no children behind
    compliance and other regulations. There are obsessions with testing
    (PSAT’s in 9th grade, “standards of education”, etc. Worse yet, the
    private schools mimic the idiots in the public schools.

    And my daughter is at a “great school” ranking in the top 100!!!



  4. Robert Glisson

    I couldn’t get a breakdown of the property taxes in my county and they vary by county in Oklahoma; however, I did get a breakdown from Oklahoma County (Capitol county) Oklahoma. In Oklahoma County, residents pay 59.22 percent to the public school system, 12.76 percent to Tech and Colleges. Average property tax a little over $430 per year. equals $254.5 or $309.6. In addition the Oklahoma Lottery provides 45 percent of its income to higher ed. Tech and College. 380 million since 2005 equals 171 million to Oklahoma tech and College funding in the last five years. to get a fairly comprehensive grasp of the numbers in Oklahoma. I didn’t check the Sales Tax numbers.

  5. Gerhardt Goeken

    According to the Oregon Department of Revenue, 44% of property taxes are for education. As a renter, I pay this tax indirectly through my landlord.

    I see nothing wrong with funding education as long as education actually occurs. In many cases it is simply warehousing kids until they are 18. In that case, even I could design a system far cheaper to operate.

  6. lonegranger

    Blame the effing politicians and the co-effing-rupt unions!

    To get a full picture of the towns financial situation, go to the town treasurer and ask for the current Consolidated Annual Financial Report. They probably have gobs o’ geld squirreled away in some stupid fund like Judge Appreciation Fund or the like. Check for Special mil levys. Find out how much your town is worth. where the money comes from and where it’s going. You’ll be surprised.

  7. Dan Jeffreys

    I’m in Texas and approx. 80% of my property tax bill goes to support other people’s kid’s “education”. In support of “the more money we throw at it the worse outcome we’re getting” argument, I used to work at a place where we had quite a few part time college students employed. They had absolutely no knowledge of history or how the different branches of government functioned and many of these were college seniors! One day, one of them asked me, “How’d you get so smart?” I told him, “Man, this is stuff I learned in HIGH SCHOOL.”

  8. Mike Marks

    Our experience with the public school system was poor at best. In some ways private schools are better but they have their drawbacks as well.

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