Where’s The Evidence?

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A plot to bomb an airliner was recently broken up. So America’s reporters all tell us.

Unanswered are some of the questions—without which there is no legitimate news story—that every journalistic lead should address: Who? Where? What? How?

It is apparent, however, that we don’t need to know who planned a “plot to bomb an airliner.” We don’t need to know where the “plot” was hatched, or what explosive device was seized, and how.

All we need to concern our big fat heads with is that “U.S. and other intelligence agencies” vouched for the information. Also fool-proof is that “U.S. Rep. Peter King, Republican and chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee,” would never lie to us. Nor would ““a senior administration official.”

CNN’s Alpha Female Anderson Cooper: Now he always keeps them honest, doesn’t he?! The eternally furrowed brow alone speaks to Cooper’s journalistic bona fides. That guy would know entrapment if he encountered it.

Besides, don’t be such a drag. The guilty party, Fahd al Quso, is already dead of a drone attack. That’s your proof right there. You know someone is culpable of terrorism when and if he dies by drone. Dah.

On my own uneventful airport experience last week, I was spared the rogering (WND editor Ron Strom recommended loose clothing. Maybe it worked). But I did see a tall, fit, good looking black TSA worker, working-over a little old man (80, perhaps). It looked like the agent was removing the hunched geriatric’s colostomy bag. It took him forever.

You never know…

4 thoughts on “Where’s The Evidence?

  1. JP

    It would be a shame if said colostomy bag were to rupture all over our official.

  2. Myron Pauli

    This whole intel tale (tail) smells like it was shoved into someone’s anus. There are so many less convoluted ways to take down an airplane, why would someone bother with some complex explosive condom up the butt device or whatever????

    I guess we can all play that “we protect your freedom” game – so let us try this – Myron Pauli, by telekinesis, stopped a Mach 12 Stealth Asteroid from hitting Earth thus saving the whole planet. Please send me billions of bucks in gratitude!

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