Updated: You Too Can Get A Peace Prize

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SOME FUN; we all need it. “Groom your dog, get a peace prize; do the laundry, that’s a peace prize, make a sandwich, it’s a peace prize, she’s eating the sandwich; peace prize, mow the lawn, now that’s a peace prize; I’m in the hot tub; it’s a peace prize, you get a peace prize; everybody gets a peace prize. …”

Via Michelle Malkin:

Update: My husband vacuum-cleaned the house. I say, peace in the home is a peace prize.

8 thoughts on “Updated: You Too Can Get A Peace Prize

  1. George Pal

    This has been one of the things most needed by the those opposed to what’s been happening to this country over the last few decades – public ridicule. There is nothing that gets under the skin of self-righteous, self-important, masters of the universe as public ridicule.

    [Love your comments: clean, crisp, clever!]

  2. M. B. Moon

    Grade inflation in the schools. Nobel Prize inflation in the world.

    Obama said it humbles him. If only!

    Don’t worry Mr. Prez, I predict you will be humbled.

    Still, I do notice that Greenspan has not put a bag over his head yet. Nor has Bush. I guess he (Bush) is still waiting for history to vindicate him.

    Go wait in the corner, Mr Bush. It will be a very long wait.

  3. Robert Glisson

    Huh-ah, your husband runs things in his home, vacuum, dishwasher, washer. I can’t say the same, my wife won’t let me run heavy equipment. Maybe if he picks you up from work, could call him a ‘go-get-her’ that’s better than a peace prize winner. That fella’s ‘peacekeeper’ was impressive though, makes my cz82 look like a toy. Ah well, back to Corvus Corax. Mondays coming, can’t wait to see what the inmates are up to.

  4. Sunny Black

    The Obama presidency, aided by his ‘The Emperor has no clothes’ enablers in the media, is so ludicrous that even a conservative comedian is actually able to nail pop-cultural humor and satire in the most scathing manner. And he was able to do it in a medium that has traditionally been the domain of the American cultural Left.

    [Who are you talking about? Are readers supposed to guess?]

  5. james huggins

    Ilana in a hot tub! I don’t know about a peace prize, but you certainly would get the “Huggs” prize.

  6. M. B. Moon

    I’m gonna eat some green beans, Peace Prize!
    I’m gonna put on a shoe, Peace Prize!
    I’m gonna take a deep breath, Peace Prize!
    I’m gonna to walk out the door, Peace Prize!

    Yep, that song is genius.

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