UPDATE II: ANC Centenary Celebrations Kick Off in … America (Theron The Twit)


PBS is celebrating: “This week, the African National Congress, South Africa’s ruling political party, marked its 100th anniversary.” Drop the Newspeak. The ANC heads a dominant-party state. Not quite a one-party state, but almost.

To kick off the fun, I watched a rather well-produced, utterly one-sided, propagandist “documentary” yesterday. “Have You Heard From Johannesburg” is about the so-called Struggle. The behind-the-scenes reality popped into my head when watching the famously “exiled South Africans,” (like Oliver Tambo) suited up, and giving ponderous interviews:

“… There was certainly precious little that would have dampened Joseph Lelyveld’s enthusiasm for ‘The Struggle.’ But when the former (aforementioned) New York Times editor went looking for his exiled ANC heroes all over Africa, he found nothing but monosyllabic, apathetic, oft-inebriated men whom he desperately tried to rouse with revolutionary rhetoric.” (Page 143, Into the Cannibal’s Pot.)

Myth-making aside, the ANC’s manufactured heroes have nothing on the ascetic, self-sacrificing Salafis who man al-Qaeda (and who do not rely on European groupies for sustenance).

UPDATED I: “AFRICAN NATIONAL CORRUPTION.” A LOT TO CELEBRATE. DURBAN. I WOULD NOT recognize it today. Durban Bay is dying, environmentally.

UPDATE II: “Be a man who is not afraid to know his HIV status” broadcasts a billboard in the CBD of the once-magnificent city of Johannesburg. The image attached to the ad? A white man. HIV is almost non-existent, statistically, among whites. Such equal opportunity idiocy reminds me of that useless idiot, actress Charlize Theron, who, during a recent interview with another member of the idiocracy, Piers Morgan, hinted that South Africans should be disarmed. Her campaign against rape in SA was as vague, if not as dangerous. In addition to being a pretentious, rather poor actress, Theron is a major hypocrite: I believe her mother shot her father, all in a “good” cause, of course.

The image of your prototypical HIV carriers is at the 3:27 minute mark:

In my book I flesh out the facts about the Central Business District; what it looks like today—the JHB Stock Exchange has been forced to migrate to the suburbs, and businesses are shuttered—as compared to the time when I used to walk to work (it was in the Southern Life Building) from the bus station. I lived up the road in the once vibrant, humming, safe Hillbrow, where I used to stroll at night. A clip of Hillbrow today is below.

Have you ever heard of the hijacking of a … building? It’s a new concept. Of course, the woman in the clip is mouthing the allowable left-liberal platitudes, with her reference to the divinity “Madiba” (Mandela’s African honorific, and an adopted affectation among liberals). “Madiba” would not wish fear to replace his magnificent legacy. The old idiot interviewed seems to think that fear anchored in a fearful reality is a really bad thing. I’ve heard this pearl of wisdom repeated among many American liberals. Living life stupidly and fearlessly seems to be a great virtue.

3 thoughts on “UPDATE II: ANC Centenary Celebrations Kick Off in … America (Theron The Twit)

  1. james huggins

    What else would we expect from the brain dead of the left at PBS?

  2. My RON-PAUL i

    I am not really fit to comment much on South Africa – it would be interesting to compare those vidoes with ones of Detroit. See” http://www.detroitghetto.com – which looks like some Martians had conquered Earth (and then died out from the bacteria and this is what got left behind)

    Anyway, today is an American holiday to honor the Greatest American Who Ever Lived (the only American whose birthday is a holiday) – Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Nobel Peace Prize Winner. They now have this neo-Maoist hideous statue of him that makes him look like some North Korean Demigod Kim Jong King….


    Sort of a cross between:




  3. Lizelle Retief

    Hi There, well done for not being afraid to speak up. I was born in 1975, and finished school (luckily) in 1993, before the so called “democracy” of South Africa. I have always loved my culture, religion and my country. Up until a year ago I had the opinion that I was born here and this is my country just as much as it is theirs….but after being hi-jacked in June last year (yeah, I know….just another statistic) in front of my 3 year old’s school…I am not so sure anymore….I cannot see a future for my son here, and this is not fair on anyone….but all the liberals in this world makes you feel that you are supposed to feel bad for feeling that way and for what had happened here in the “apartheid” years….well I don’t, I used to….but I realized that this country would have seen it’s ass a long time ago if that was the case….I refer to your vidoe above of DBN beaches, I see those pools and slides and remember playing there as a child, I remember being able to walk on those beaches early in the mornings, no a days (even out of season) you can’t there are used condoms and needles and homeless sleeping everywhere – needles to say it has become dangerous. We were in Sodwana in December 2011 for holiday, we were notified by notices put up in the bathrooms, to either stay in the camp on New Year’s day or we have to leave at 05:00 and we will only be allowed to come back at 21:00 that night – this after we paid for our families to make use of the Isimangaliso Wetland Park camp site and beaches??? We decided to go to family near Richards Bay for the day, when we drove out the gates there were so many black people flooding into the gates, taunting you, shouting at you and still drunk from the previous night…my husband had to drive very carefully not to hit them as they were walking in the road – there were buses of them being brought in….the 2nd of January you should have seen the aftermath….I have never seen so many trucks hauling litter from one place….it was disgraceful….to say the least…anyway, I can carry on the whole day about this beautiful country (that my fore-fathers fought and died for) that is no a pitiful mess…I just really wanted to say thanks for speaking up and not being afraid to speak the truth (even about terrorists and hypocrites as Charlize and Nelson)

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