UPDATE II: No Country For Throwaway Americans (Meet Maurice, Homeless Physicist & Electrical Eng.)


At a time when very many highly qualified American engineers cannot find work, and at least one such talent, featured below, is living on the streets—Tea Party traitor Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), distinguished himself last year by passing the “Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act.”

“In one of last year’s most disappointing moments,” writes Joe Guzzardi of VDARE.COM, “the House overwhelmingly passed (389-15) H.R. 3012, the Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act that would eliminate the annual per-country caps on employer-sponsored green cards.”

“Skilled labor—from roughly everywhere—displaces educated Americans, disproportionately white and Asian Americans.(See Ed Rubenstein on immigration and college graduates.) Some of those lose their homes, some commit suicide, and we’ve published an article by a writer, Simon Krejsa, who was living in a homeless shelter.” (VDARE.COM)

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Chaffetz (R-Utah), is another regular “freedom fighter,” who parks his pampered ass, as a “good friend of the show,” at FoxNews’ “Freedom Watch.” (See “Closing The Door On Closed, Cloistered American Media.”)

Increased legal immigration in the middle of an unemployment crisis! Now that’s patriotism!

Meet Maurice Johnson, “an unemployed, homeless Boston man who has a Masters Degrees in Plasma Physics from Dartmouth College and in Electrical Engineering and acoustics from Purdue University. Johnson’s resume includes a 10 year career at Lockheed Aerospace & Aerodyne Research Corp.” (Link)

H-1B Hogs Swindling ‘Average’ Americans explains that, in America’s labyrinthine visa system, “The O-1 visa is the visa reserved for individuals with extraordinary abilities. More significantly, there is no cap on the number of O-1 visa entrants allowed. Access to this limited pool of talent is unlimited. My point vis-à-vis the O-1 visa is this: The primary H-1B hogs—Infosys (and another eight, sister Indian firms), Microsoft, and Intel—are forever claiming that they are desperate for talent. But, in reality, they have unlimited access to individuals with unique abilities through the open-ended O-1 visa program—that is if they really wanted it.”

The primary H-1B hogs don’t want for extraordinary talent, available via the unlimited 0-1 Visa; what these corporate pigs want is a multicultural workforce with which to replace Americans. My contacts within the bowels of this Beast are forever telling me about Human Resources directives to “hire someone who does not look like YOU, Honky!” (Not quite in those words, but you get the drift.) Don’t ask me why, but creating a Tower of Babel of a work force is what the much-heralded multinationals live for. Diversity is no strength—it contributes nothing but misery in the workplace.

But boy, is it de rigueur.

UPDATE I (Feb. 6): This guy could be teaching America’s stupid kids math and science, but the unions that run the gulag of public education do not allow entry to highly qualified individuals with higher degrees, unless they are “reeducated.” The upshot of union stranglehold is that union-certified, borderline-retarded women (mostly) with education degrees are teaching math. They might be able to cover the two examples in the textbook, but cannot instill what they lack: an understanding of this most crucial subject. There are plenty engineers and scientists (some retired), to whom math is second nature, who could bring American kids up to the level, if allowed.

UPDATE II (Feb. 7): “Is President Obama Right About Engineers?: Significant Numbers Unemployed or Underemployed,” courtesy of The Center for Immigration Studies.

9 thoughts on “UPDATE II: No Country For Throwaway Americans (Meet Maurice, Homeless Physicist & Electrical Eng.)

  1. Anonymous

    It’s time for a revolt! These politicians, by and large, are nothing but traitorous scum. I live in a city, Houston, Tx, that is filled with legal and illegal immigrants. I wonder how many legals really need to be here. You and Pat Buchanan are right on immigration. Thanks for this post.

  2. Greg

    The politicians are, by and large, nothing but traitorous scum! It’s time for a revolt. I live in a city, Houston, Tx, that is filled with legal and illegal immigrants. I wonder how many legals really need to be here. You and Pat Buchanan are right about immigration.

  3. George Pal

    The reordering of humanity is underway. The primitive ‘Party’ would have this reordering ‘The Great Leap Forward’ or some such folderal, but we are beyond party and well into a mentality: “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity,” that being of the same genus as the specie “treason to nationality is loyalty to humanity”.

    A meritocracy of accomplishment, experience, and reliability has been razed to the ground; the foundations of that Tower of Babel alluded to, have been laid. Such is humanity that every bit of it now rates the same; the cornices and pilasters will count as beams and pillars. Good luck with that.

  4. Myron Pauli

    One of the reasons that American citizen technical people wind up wasting their skills (or alleged skills) in classified areas (e.g. areas reserved for citizens with security clearances) is because it is very difficult to pursue any career where you can be instantly replaced by some techno-coolie.

    Meanwhile, I am continually going around with a tin cup searching for funds.

  5. J. Gavin Landon

    This boils my hide, and rightly so, because I got screwed too. I worked for a tax corporation for over 7 years, and then one day they layed off over 80 people (myself included obviously). Guess where those 80 jobs went? The Philippines!
    ==One of my friend/co-workers had actually gone to open up the Philippine site, she trained them! Then they layed her off too.
    ==One of my sales team friends had been working for the company for over 17 years. It was his first and only job coming out of college and becoming a CPA. He was in tears wondering where the hell he was going to go.

    ~I digress.

  6. J. Gavin Landon

    Oh and Ilana, the “techno-coolie” replacement is usually someone from India who is a very nice person, only problem is you can’t understand a darn thing they say because of the accent. Fun, fun.

  7. Dennis

    Please take a moment…

    1. Myron, what are you trying to accomplish with your tin cup search, i.e. what level of funding and what’s the goal,in general? Are you actively seeking investors?

    2. Is Maurice Johnson willing to move? Why was he riffed? Is he a Vet?
    What about his family and friends? I’ll try to contact him to help, will you guys as well???

    I’d like to find someone who understands exoskeletons or steer-by-wire and/or brake-by-wire.

  8. Dennis

    Hey Guys…think creatively.

    PRIVATE colleges / universities may not require “education courses / teaching courses”. Some of the best teachers I had years ago were active business people who taught at the University of Dallas / MBA Program. Also, private high schools may be viable for subject matter experts rather than “teachers”.

    The young guy with a CPA designation should approach small CPA firms and see if he can catch some of the tax season overload all the while searching for clients he may be able to bring to the table. Also, many 501(c)(3) non-profits are so delusional about cash-flow necessities, he may be able to work part-time engagements with them.


    PS Myron, if you wish to give me some info re investors, advise and I’ll ask Ilana to connect us off-line.

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