UPDATED (8/27): Progressive Magazine Mother Jones Does A Fake-News Number On Mercer

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Writers Sarah Posner and David Neiwert, of the large progressive magazine Mother Jones, list me and quote me in an article (Sep. 21, 2016) by this title “Meet the Horde of Neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and Other Extremist Leaders Endorsing Donald Trump: The Republican nominee for president has not disavowed any of them.

But there is nothing remotely “Neo-Nazi, Klansman-like, extremist,” or “white nationalist” in the Mercer quote excerpted by Mother Jones. And, there is one lie courtesy of Mother Jones’ intrepid fact-checkers. See for yourself:

Ilana Mercer

Author of The Trump Revolution, and a contributor to VDare.com [I’m not! I’ve written a few pieces for VDARE, but I am not a contributor at VDARE. Ask editor Peter Brimelow.]

Endorsement: Trump is “a political Samson that threatens to bring the den of iniquity crashing down on its patrons,” Mercer wrote in her book, published in June 2016.

In her own words: Mercer also wrote in her book that Trump is “a man who won’t grovel to the Powers That Be and who has refused to submit to the precepts of Cultural Marxism, namely the tyranny that sees speech policed for impropriety and individuals stigmatized and isolated for thinking and speaking in a manner disallowed by the politically correct police.”

Where’s the “Neo-Nazi, Klansman-like, extremist” or “white nationalist” elements in this excerpt?

UPDATE (8/27): Ditto the Southern Poverty Law Center, in “The Daily Caller has a White Nationalist Problem.”