Republican Attack Dogs Go For Mitt Romney, Again

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A good gauge of Republican treachery is the manner in which these drag queens of politics (no offense to drag queens) have beaten up on Mitt Romney whenever he spoke the truth.

They still do.

Romeny’s latest manifestly true words were these, via the New York Times:

In explaining his overwhelming electoral college defeat last week, Romney said Obama followed what he called the “old playbook” of seeking votes from specific interest groups, “especially the African-American community, the Hispanic community and young people,” the New York Times said. “In each case they were very generous in what they gave to those groups,” he added, according to the paper.
The question of how to appeal to the nation’s changing demographics is sensitive for Republicans, especially because Romney lost the non-white vote so badly to Obama, the nation’s first African American president.

Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Fat Man Newt Gingrich, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (deemed another GOP rising star), MSNBC token conservative, and “Morning Joe” co-host, Joe Scarborough: All these deeply stupid Republicans can’t quite say why Mitt Romney’s analysis of the role of the give-me constituency in his electoral loss is incorrect. All they can do is malign the man because their jobs as electable parasites hinge on maligning Mitt Romney.

Establishment Republicans make me sick: lead me to the vomitorium, please.

Joining the cobra head that rose to spit at Romney was Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. But leading the pack in puke factor was Obama’s New BFF (Best Friend Forever), New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R). No one beats that bit of human waste when it comes to political back stabbing.

As the Republican doctrine has it, it is impermissible to observe that America is riven by race and gender.