The Left Loves Ivanka For A Reason. Lots Of Them.

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There’s a worshipful piece in the Washington Post about Ivanka Trump, who is a well-groomed intellectual lightweight, with enormous sway in the Trump White House. (Where oh where are the two thoughtful Steves (Bannon and Miller)? Hidden.) Her significant others confirmed that Ivanka nagged daddy to drop those dumb bombs in Syria. Had Hillary Clinton made it to the White House, and Chelsea and her house husband set up office there, as Ivanka and Jared have; Republicans would be FUMING. Both parties have no principles. Nepotism and conflict of interest are OK, so long as their side is practicing- and benefiting from it.

… This is her portfolio now: Workforce development. Childcare tax credits and paid parental leave — issues that no American Congress has ever passed, and which have become Ivanka’s signature topics, and bellwethers for her success. Human trafficking. Last Tuesday, she stood by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at a crowded State Department ceremony, honoring award recipients who have contributed to the study and eradication of trafficking. …
… Ivanka sends out support for refugees on World Refugee Day, against a father interminably stumping for a travel ban. Ivanka wishes her LGBT followers a happy Pride month, while her father eschewed Barack Obama’s tradition of issuing a proclamation. At times, she comes across as earnest, if slightly oblivious; at times it seems like she knows exactly what she is doing, which is goading her dad.

More liberal illogic from my “What Ivanka Wants, Ivanka Gets”:

In Ivanka, you have a point person in an ostensibly populist, rightist administration who has no idea that men, not women, are lagging in the labor force and in institutions of higher and lower learning. Democrats appreciate that.
In Ivanka, you have a businesswoman, in an ostensibly business-friendly administration, who has vowed to “close the [mythical] gender pay gap” on our dime. A business magnate should have grasped the following logic: “If women with the same skills as men were getting only 78 cents for every dollar a man earns, men as a group would have long since priced themselves out of the market. That entrepreneurs like Ivanka haven’t ditched men en masse to employ women suggests that different abilities and experience are at work, rather than a conspiracy to suppress women” (“The Week of the Whining Womin”).
Democrat-dominated news networks are mum about the Susan Rice spying and unmasking scandal. GOP TV is deaf and dumb about the clash between the America First faction of the administration (Steve Bannon) and the Kushner couple (Ivanka and Jared). The gentle reader should know by now that there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the standard operating procedures of the two parties and their media.