UPDATE III (8/15/018): Who Set The Sonoma County Fires? If Intentional; It’s Mass Murder

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In Washington State, all I ever hear is that practically all our devastating fires are “caused by lightening.” I seldom see lightening here. I know what it looks like (thunder follows, so if you hear it, you know lightening preceded it). I saw plenty lightening in my native South Africa, especially on the highveld. I’ve seldom seen lightening in my state.

Says Ken Pimlott, director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection:

“These are all fires that were in areas that are populated, and 95% of the fires in our state are started by people” in some way, he said, downplaying the chances that lightning may have played a role.

Are the Powers looking the other way? Investigate. If these fires are intentional; this is mass murder.

UPDATE II (7/31/018):

Yes, the heat. But can no “journalist” investigate arson? Nobody evens asks. It’s quite a common cause of this kind of catastrophe. Death penalty is the proportional punishment.

UPDATE III (8/15/018): Mendocino Complex Blaze