UPDATED (7/13/021): America As Architect Of The South-African Catastrophe Is Truly Minority Opinion

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Americans as architects of The South-African catastrophe” is part of the analysis I effect in my 2011 book, Into The Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa.

This perspective is highly unusual. It is far from acceptable narrative or received wisdom among historians, certainly not in the United States—or by any historian that I know to be writing today.

My good friend, the brilliant Dan Roodt, whom I long to see on Tucker Carlson, shares this perspective. None of the sorts Tucker ordinarily has on would take this tack.

Yet, Tucker Carlson hinted today that he might be taking this tack in covering the riots and the collapse in South Africa.  Really? UPDATE (7/13/021): I’ll just say it: If it’s not Dan Roodt, PhD, or me—it’s likely worth shit.

Here are a couple spin-off articles, excerpted from my book, expounding the theme aforementioned, and published widely, to their great credit, in familiar conservative outlets:

*  “America’s Radical, Foreign-Policy Alinskyites Destroyed South Africa!” Ilana Mercer, March 25, 2021

* “The American Architects of The South-African Catastrophe” Ilana Mercer, June 9, 2017, published widely, including at the Mises Institute.

30 Years Since F. W. de Klerk’s Great Betrayal,” Ilana Mercer, February 6, 2020

* Image: President F.W. de Klerk and Nelson Mandela shake hands during negotiations between the South African government and the ANC (Getty Images).

UPDATES (7/13/021):



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2 thoughts on “UPDATED (7/13/021): America As Architect Of The South-African Catastrophe Is Truly Minority Opinion

  1. Darrell Freeman

    Ilana, with various family issues, and election craziness, I have not been reading much of anything with a political focus. However, the other day I was repacking some old items from the 80s and found parts of my manuscript from the proposed book that Crane, Russak chose not to publish. It was on Mandela, ANC training, and propaganda of terrorism. Seeing these recent posts of yours caught my attention so my next priority is to re-read Into the Cannibal’s Pot. As always, thank you so much for all that you do, the insanity I am sure you deal with daily, and for helping those of us out here in the “hinterlands” to maintain sanity.

  2. Ray

    Yes, it’s true, “America” has a lot to answer for.
    I put it in quotes because this is such a complex nation there must be hundreds of “Americas”. But most certainly, “official America”, the power and financial structure, government, and the media and those that currently dominate our mass culture are to blame for this, and so many other things, going back to the post-WWII 1940s. Far too many of us have blindly trusted them, and enabled them for several decades. We will probably get severely punished for that, but what must be, will be.
    I didn’t know you were from South Africa, makes your insight even more valuable, so thanks.

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