American Foreign Policy Brought The Curse Of Gadhafi On Europe; EU Rebels; Americans Retaliate

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American conservatives believe they live in a country whose general sensibility is far more conservative than that of the rest of the world. As a naturalized American, I persist in telling my friends they are wrong. America is a most radical, revolutionary, Jacobin-flavored place. The Yankees have won out.

Not in dispute is that Radical America failed the Libyan state (read “Libya, A War of The Womb“)!  Failed Libya, as in supervised the removal of its leader and the ensconcing of forces of … you know the rest. Democracy.

Qaddafi kept migrants away from Europe’s shores. He, in fact, predicted that Europe’s demise would follow closely on his. (Read my “The Curse Of Col. Gadhafi“.)

European leadership has better, more conservative, instincts than America’s. The EU had adopted a ruthless system to repel migrants floating across the Mediterranean. They turn them over to “efficient and brutal” Libyan militia, euphemized as the  Libyan Coast Guard. The End.

Now that the EU must collaborate with tough Libyan militia that rose after Gadhafi’s removal, to keep migrants away—US journos and pols are furious, retaliating big time. The confluence of American interests want to pry European borders wide-open. Trust me: Most of the American Deep State and phenotypical State at the pentagon (even Republicans) are firmly behind the radicals.

READ: “Europe’s border agency under fire for aiding Libya’s brutal migrant detentions
The E.U. pays for almost every aspect of Libya’s often lethal migrant detention system, an investigation found, including the boats that fire on migrant rafts.”

There goes European immigration enforcement, courtesy of the USA.

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