Update II: Bachmann & Paul Against Bernanke

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I like the idea of a Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann ticket. Paul needs no introduction, but Bachmann is bright in the way Palin isn’t; she is intellectually curious in the way Palin is not (this accounts for why she has beefed up her knowledge of the Fed and is familiar with Tom Woods’ Meltdown); she is attractive, and she drives liberals stark raving mad. (Or madder)

Here Bachmann introduces Paul:

And here is Paul:

Update (Sept. 28): With respect to “Hot Air,” advanced hereunder by Haym as an ostensible source of credible opinion; it isn’t. Credible news, quite possibly, but not opinion. At least not on foreign policy. And not on this site. (Yeah, the adventure in Iraq was fun wasn’t it!) This is a libertarian site; Hot Air is neoconservative. We’ve adjudicated the last 8 years of foreign policy here on BAB in blog posts and in article on IlanaMercer.com. My perspective, which comports with that of Paul, albeit with some differences, has been vindicated. I’m surprised war mongers are unrepentant, and are still be plumping for preemptive war against countries that have not aggressed against the US given the lessons of Iraq. I guess when it’s not your kid who’s hobbling around on prostheses or dead, it doesn’t much move the mind, much less the heart. The “isolationism” pejorative is lobbed by neoconservatives when they wish to discredit those of us who believe in fighting just wars only. It’s like pacifist.

Update II (Sept. 29): I am sure Myron has preordered his copy of “Going Rogue: An American Life.”

8 thoughts on “Update II: Bachmann & Paul Against Bernanke

  1. Robert Glisson

    There you go. I don’t care if she looked like the “Troll under the bridge after the party is over.” If she understands the money, I’m on her side.

  2. haym

    I like Bachmann – she does not agree with Paul on foreign policy. Paul’s isolationism is no different than Chamberlain’s appeasement. There is no practical difference. His domestic policy has many positives. His foreign policy would be a disaster: he would be arguing about the libertarian view of non-intervention in the Middle East while Iran shoots a nuclear-tipped missile where the sun don’t shine.


  3. Jack Slater

    RE: Haym and Isolationism. I do not see Paul’s words from 18:38 – 19:00 as anything remotely close to isolationism. To desire a foreign policy founded on peace, free trade, and diplomacy is in no way a policy of appeasement.

    Red Herring….

  4. Robert Glisson

    I almost missed your revival of “That Persian Pussycat” on the right side of the menu. However, I think Diana West’s 9-28-09 “http://www.dianawest.net/Home/tabid/36/EntryId/1042/A-Marine-Corps-Sergeant-Major-Speaks.aspx” also relates to the “Hotair.com” links. We Civilized can not civilize that which doesn’t want to be civilized. Intervention in the affairs of other nations led to WW1, WW2, and all of the minor wars of the last century and almost ten years into this one. The US has not tried Ilana’s and Mr. Paul’s policy ever, who knows, maybe it will work, nothing else has.

  5. Myron Pauli

    Ooops – I put my comment on Michele under the “Beating Back the Feds” comment.

    Haym: The same appeasing “isolationist” Chamberlain who did not have the great British land army (!!) fought to keep 3 million Nazi loving Sudetens from joining their lederhosen wearing buddies in Deutschland

    (see the Czechoslovakian election of 1935:
    en.wikipedia.org/…/Czechoslovakian_parliamentary_election,_1935 )

    went to WAR with Germany 11 months later.

    No – I would NOT go off the limb like Pat Buchanan and make Chamberlain out to be a reckless warmonger provoking Hitler whom Pat elevates into a German Mohandas Ghandi…. BUT, in the neocon mentality – every thug is Hitler – every crisis is Munich – and anyone who doesn’t immediately go to war is Chamberlain. After Vietnam and Iraq, isn’t it time to stop this eternal paranoid interventionist drumbeat??

  6. Myron Pauli

    Glisson’s (and Diane West’s) Sgt. Major seems to know his stuff. Ron Paul got the most contributions from the military. I think they know when they are being led astray on a bull***t mission. And it isn’t about “training friendly Afghans” in the 9th year of a war….

  7. Roy Bleckert

    I could support either Paul or Bachmann for POTUS, I think peeps put too much focus on the Rock Star Status that has become of the office of POTUS

    We should be focused on the 2010 elections & make sure RP & MB are reelected to congress along with the RP endorsed Tom McClintock http://tommcclintock.com/blog/the-dawn-of-the-american-reawakening#comment-2515

    Bachmann & McClintock are on the left’s list as ones they are targeting for defeat in there seats

    If we have a majority of Reps with the character of Paul, Bachmann , McClintock, even with a screw ball as prez, the checks & balance’s of a constitutional republic will counteract anything Hullabaloo Hussein can dream up

    It is up to us to put the right people in all elected positions.

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