UPDATE II (5/10): Bill Cosby: The Matriarchy Is Merciless, And It Has Thoroughly Feminized & Twisted US Law

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This is where the #MeToo movement has led. A revenge prosecution, based on hearsay evidence, from women who act and sound demented, and facts that can’t possibly meet the rules of evidence (the ones we once abided), or be corroborated for the purposes of a just prosecution, in accordance with the legal standards of Western law (of blessed memory).

These women demand Bill Cosby, a near-blind octogenarian, be jailed for what remains of his life.

This type of woman, to the cheers of so-called conservatives, had seen to it that a groper of gymnasts  (a disgusting man, for sure)—girls abandoned by their ambitious, greedy parents—was sentenced to 175 years behind bars, more than serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

That’s the law feminized.

The jury in Bill Cosby’s retrial found the TV icon guilty of all three counts of aggravated indecent assault on Thursday for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in a Philadelphia suburb in 2004.
The 80-year-old comedian faces up to 10 years in prison on each count, but would likely serve them concurrently.
The verdict came a year after Cosby’s previous trial ended in a mistrial, as a different panel of jurors said they were deadlocked and could not unanimously agree on a verdict. This jury began deliberating Wednesday around 11 a.m., and worked for more than 14 hours over two days to reach the verdict.


UPDATE: Tom Masereau is USUALLY an amazing champion for justice. His strategy: was it at fault?

UPDATE II (5/10): Decent logic and law. Finally.

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