UPDATE IV: Bitchslapped in London (Bravo Michael Nutter; Boo Darcus Howe)

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Srdja Trifkovic, at Chronicles Magazine, sums up “London’s Postmodern Riots” thus: “The problem with today’s Britain is that donkeys are in charge not only at Bramshill but also at Westminster and at No. 10, Downing Street. If and when ordinary Britons feel compelled to resort to more robust tools than BlackBerryss and Nokias when faced with a looting mob, the lions may have a chance once again.”


Srdja’s sentiment is a hopeful one. More telling are images such as this one, showing the oppressed disrobing before the oppressor, or wielding a broom to clean-up after the goons.

Described in “Sacrificing Kids To PC Pietism,” the prototypical western man “is flabby in body and mind. He is fearful and easily cowed. He erupts in tears at a drop of a hat. He is gripped by the culture of apology, and flagellates over sins he has not committed. His eternal state of expiation is driven not by goodness, but by insufferable self-righteousness.”

This archetypal man forgives unspeakable violence against himself and those he is obligated to protect. He would not hurt a fly, much less repel a foe. An astute alien would notice that, in this regard, there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ earthling. …
Not only does this generic Joe refuse to identify his proud, empowered attackers, but he rejects the possibility that they act out of ingrained animus for his kind. The swarms that descended to take what is his—to hurt him and even kill him—he jocularly terms mischief-makers, teens, twitter-operators, technology savvy youth. Yes, this brow-beaten, emasculated, excuse-for-a-man uses diminutives to describe the contempt-filled stalkers who menace him and who would squash him like the bug he is

UPDATE I (June 11): COULTER’S SAFE SCREED. Here is my reply to the posting of Ann Coulter’s “diagnosis” to my Facebook Wall:

Myron, Larry Auster has diagnosed this “leftist spinning,” to which Coulter, generally a PC writer, adheres. Coulter’s shtick, like Mark Steyn’s, relies on maintaining the illusion of American exceptionalism. As if the US doesn’t run as enormous a Managerial State as the EU and UK! Here Auster writes:

“While I don’t have all the facts as to numbers, my impression of the article is that they’re trying to make the non-black involvement seem much more than it is. The truth seems to be that the riots were started by blacks, and then others (whites and Muslims) joined in, especially in the looting. But it remains mainly a black thing, and The Guardian is trying to deny that. Also, it’s not surprising that whites would be involved. As Charles Murray wrote ten years years ago, underclass whites in Britain are in their behavior very much like underclass blacks–products of the welfare state, of fatherlessness, etc., and producers of fatherlessness. And we’ve known for years about the yobs who can be as unruly and dangerous as the black thugs. Britain has this huge low-level white population of which there is no equivalent in America. So it’s no surprise that they would join with the blacks.”

Ann Coulter’s column is generally safe. That’s her secret. As Canadian writer Kevin Michael Grace once mused: “The secret to becoming a successful right-wing columnist is to echo the mob while complimenting yourself on your daring. That’s all there is to Ann Coulter’s craft, the rest is exploitation of the sexual masochism of the American male—he just can’t get enough of the kitten with claws.”

UPDATE II: Some people are able to distinguish right from wrong. One such individual is Mayor Michael Nutter. Via Pat Buchanan:

“You’ve damaged your own race,” said Mayor Michael Nutter to the black youths of Philadelphia whose flash mobs have been beating and robbing shoppers in the fashionable district of downtown.
“Take those God-darn hoodies down,” the mayor went on in his blistering lecture. “Pull your pants up and buy a belt, ’cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”
And the mayor had some advice for teenagers looking for work.
“You walk into somebody’s office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back and your shoes untied and your pants half down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won’t hire you?
“They don’t hire you ’cause you look like you’re crazy.”
Nutter is African-American and the first leader to speak out about the racial character of the flash mobs attacking people in one American city after another. And where are our other leaders?

Other people can only distinguish one race from the other.

How telling that this gas bag has so many YouTube viewers. What herd mentality would drive anyone to think of Darcus Howe—a West Indian “writer,” who has made himself comfortable in London—as a voice worth heeding? Darcus blames the wanton destruction of private property on the emasculated British bobby. “The worst violence visited [on England] and its capital since Goering’s Luftwaffe executed the ‘Blitz'” is the fault of the lefty, community-oriented police, which would sooner jail a gun owner for defending what’s his than stop a hateful hooligan from destroying what is not his.

These are the defenders of private property, died guarding his community from hooligans. Darcus the drek stands with evil.

Think the film “Harry Brown” with Michael Caine …

The London riots were the work of moral barbarians with no loyalty to the people in whose midst they live and no love for the society to which they give nothing, only take.

UPDATE III (Aug 12): Compassionate Fascist: I think Ann Coulter is attractive; her politics are what’s unattractive.

UPDATE IV: Larry Auster has sent the correct URL for the image of the submissive and the barbarian.

12 thoughts on “UPDATE IV: Bitchslapped in London (Bravo Michael Nutter; Boo Darcus Howe)

  1. CompassionateFascist

    A living demo as to why the Left-Globalists – Bloomberg, Soros and Co.- are so keen on gun control. When the group-entitlements try this stuff in my neighborhood, the body count will escalate rapidly.

  2. Myron Pauli

    (1) I have a nearly impossible task figuring out from reading these so-called news accounts whether these are primarily black riots or whether there are multiple racial groups rioting. The one truly interesting tidbits is that various Asian groups like Turks, Kurds, and Sikhs are banding together to protect their property so arguably they are more civilized than the passive whites.

    (2) So let’s see – the Brits are fighting in Iraq and Libya and Afghanistan to turn these countries into “democracies” while they don’t fight to guard property and lives at home? This is all pathetic.

    (3) Not only is the welfare state and its moronic state-supplied “education” system financially bankrupt, it is morally bankrupt.

    (4) I do think, however, that the rioters are ENTITLED TO JOBS – sort of along the lines of Ben Hur or Penal Colony or Chain Gang school of employment – to work off the damage they caused to private property.

  3. JP

    It was sexy when this was happening in South Africa. I don’t see what the Brits are complaining about now.

    But, having gotten that out of the way, I do feel very sad for those people in England whom I know to be some of the greatest people on earth. ALthough their numbers have grown few, they still exist.

  4. George Pal

    Vestigial Christian civilization vs. cultural enriching Mutants.

    Ladbrokes’ odds-makers have moved Mutants from even money to -150 favorites.

  5. Robert Glisson

    We recognized the protests in Tunisia,Egypt, Yemen, Libya,etc. as legitimate, now we are seeing riots and flash mobs in cities in the US and Europe. The other countries have seen regime change; Libya is still hanging in there; but, for how long? I don’t know the future; but, for the UK and US, I expect that we will see new laws in the near future that will restrict the freedom of the law abiding citizen (victims) and provide ‘positive self image’ (give away) programs for the dissatisfied youth.

  6. Dennis

    I always thought that Kubric’s movie, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, was fiction. It seems reality strikes at the oddest times, doesn’t it?

  7. james huggins

    Obviously I am not a “prototypical western man”. I am a grouch old ba—rd, my youngest daughter’s description of me. I have no patience with the modern welfare state and it’s minions and have always resisted being guilty so other people can manipulate ethnic or social populations for their own political and economic advantage. Actually, aside from recognizing injustice to people, for which I am well aware, I refuse to be collectively guilty. Therefore I refuse to condone the destruction of a society, a culture, an education system a very nation because I don’t have the backbone to demand the opposite. But, is seems that grouchy old ba—rds such as myself are dying off and western civilization is left with equal parts “handwringing weenies” and post stone age thugs. I’m sure that Mayor Nutter and I would see eye to eye on very little but at least he’s a man with a man’s instincts. Black or not he sounds like my late father. A seriously unserious gentleman at best.

    [And, to add to all your charming features—charming to us on BAB—you clean your fire arms on the kitchen table. You mentioned this tidbit years back; the image has stuck.]

  8. Andy

    When I first saw the image of the young white Brit disrobing before the barbarian I thought it was fake. Perhaps I have watched too many “hooligan” movies but I always thought of white British men as tough and street smart, much more so than the typical emasculated white male in the states. The “man” pictured has chosen to live his life on his knees rather than fight standing up. He is a coward, who, whether he knows it or not, represents all that is wrong with the west.

  9. Myron Pauli

    Buchanan and Mayor Nutter are correct. I might understand some blacks being ticked off at the police if they are receiving an undeserved constant dose of TSA-style harrassment (but is that true or just another leftist excuse??). Petititions and even non-violent protest might be legitimate responses if such things (state sanctioned harrassment) are occurring.

    However, holliganistic violence, stealing TV sets, and arson are just the act of infantile depraved thugs – whether angry thugs or happy thugs is of no interest. The Brits should allow property owners to defend themselves the way the Korean storeowners did in Los Angeles in 1992 – with guns. And they should severly punish the criminals. My prediction is that the Brits will just keep a stiff upper lip and hand out more welfare.

  10. CompassionateFascist

    Auster: “huge low-level white population of which there is no equivalent in America.” Auster’s town must suffer from a shortage of Wiggers. Not where I live. As for Coulter, I now agree with Stefanie Miller (re the Adams Apple): “It’s a MAAAAAN, baby!”

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