UPDATED: Bono Gives Go-Ahead to ‘Kill The Boer’ Chant

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I know that few in the developed world care about the undeclared, ad hoc, genocidal, ethnic-cleansing of rural Afrikaners in South Africa, my old homeland (a least so the major, cowardly conservative publishers assure me). But (from their positions of relative safety), my American countrymen do care about Bono, the great benefactor of mankind, and are surely interested in what he has to say about the incitement to kill the Boers. (Fore more about these killings see “‘Kill The Fucking Whites’ On Facebook”)

Anyhoo, Bono is a chap who fronts a three-chord band of unimpressive droners. His ignorance about the teachings of the late Lord P. T. Bauer, the foremost authority on foreign aid, has catapulted him to a position of great prominence on matters concerning the undeveloped world. This is, after all, the Age of the Idiot.

On tour in South Africa, and amid the ongoing assault against the beleaguered Boers, Bono told the BBC that the ditty “Shoot the Boer,” “which was sung during the fight against apartheid” [and at practically every political rally since] had folkloric pride of place in South Africa, “like music supporting the Irish Republican Army.”

G-d must be otherwise indisposed. (I’m not a believer, but I know many of my readers are. “Respek.”) The God of the Jews was vengeful, when it came to meting out justice. If he were fully “engaged” (and I’m being as delicate as I can), he would surely have struck the bonehead Bono down for giving the killing of a vulnerable people the go-ahead.

Given the mesmerizing, often murderous, power of the chant—any chant—in African life, this is in fact what Bono has done. Does anyone remember the “‘Kill them before they kill you” slogan that helped excite Hutus to massacre half a million of their Tutsi neighbors? Apparently not.

Of course, banning an incitement to murder will do nothing to excise a dark reality embedded deep in the human heart. It is this reality that must be discussed openly vis-a-vis South Africa. I do this in
my book, Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons From South Africa from Post-Apartheid South Africa. It will be published on May 10, 2011.

UPDATE (Feb. 15): No matter how many times I write or reply to the question of, “Why don’t South Africans up and leave,” I get the same insular, derisive responses, or repeat questions. Again and again. The penny never seems to drop. So, I will excerpt again from “The Immigration Scene,” where it was explained that highly-skilled and educated South Africans can petition destination countries to emigrate. The rest haven’t a hope in hell of getting into the USA. However, even highly-skilled immigrants are weeded out indirectly in the American immigration system, which,

“selects for low moral character by rewarding unacceptable risk-taking and law-breaking … An example should clarify what I mean by ‘select for low moral character’: Most of our South-African friends, all highly qualified, upstanding family men and women, have opted to go to Australia or the UK. Why? Well, legal immigrants to the U.S. don’t ‘wait their turn,’ as the uninformed pointy-heads keep chanting. It is usually their qualifications that, indirectly, get them admitted into the country. The H-1B visa, for one, is a temporary work permit—and also a route to acquiring legal permanent resident status. However, if one loses the job with the sponsoring company, the visa holder must leave the U.S. within ten days. What responsible, caring, family man would subject his dependents to such insecurity and upheaval? As I say, most of the people we know would never contemplate breaking the law by remaining in the US illegally. And not because they’re dull or unimaginative (an ‘argument’ I’ve heard made by Darwinian libertarians, who praise immigration scofflaws for their entrepreneurial risk-taking, no less). But because they have the wherewithal—intellectual and moral—to weigh opportunity costs and plan for the future, rather than say ‘mañana’ to tomorrow and live for today. Unhip perhaps, but certainly the kind of people America could do with.”

The H-1B visa or the O-1 ‘Extraordinary Ability’ Visa are the most popular in gaining entry into the USA. They are predicted on a job offer and are not easily attained (as you will see, if you bother to read the above-linked article).

Other work visas are easily obtained if you’re a law breaker, speak Spanish, are uneducated, and are not Caucasian—there are very few rational ways of getting into the US. The US simply selects for low moral character and a lack of professional accomplishment in its immigration-policy proclivities and sympathies.

As for the family reunification system, in the case that a candidate has family in the US (see “Please, Can My Sister Become An Illegal Immigrant?”), old parents can come right away. The younger, productive siblings of a permanent resident, such as my sister, are last on the legal waiting list. With backlogs running to 4 million cases, she may have to wait well over a decade, if not two, to come to the US legally.

Since Third-World immigrants have larger families, they will crowd out the smaller family units of the Afrikaner or Anglo- South African in vying for this category of visa. Thus, the US immigration policies also favors the Third World.

Please search my blog– and articles archives under Immigration and South Africa if you want to find out more about how near-impossible it is for some of the hardest working people in the world to come to the USA legally. You can purchase my book, out on May 10, and read up about the odd illegal white South African being sent packing back to South Africa by American justices.

But do wake up about America; it opens its arms only to a certain kind of oppressed refugee.

5 thoughts on “UPDATED: Bono Gives Go-Ahead to ‘Kill The Boer’ Chant

  1. kean

    Interesting view. Unfortunately, probably due to your research for your book, you make it sound as if there is this huge racial tension in my country. [Not what I said! I said huge murder rates of white rurals.] I find that surprising because even though there may be tension, it is easing everyday & it is not extreme. People forget that there is a new generation that has grown up in The Rainbow Nation. While the media continues to pump their propaganda, we just continue with our daily lives. In fact each day that passes people really couldn’t care less. This fight occurred between the media & the sheeple.

  2. Dennis

    If genocide is truly on the horizon for the Boers, I ask why they do not do what my wife’s grand-parents did, i.e. THEY LEFT ARMENIA WHEN THE TURKS STARTED THE SLAUGHTER? Come to the U.S. – Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, etc. – and save yourselves and your families. Yes, you will have to adapt to American Culture, but being alive and having a future is better than brutal extermination.
    PS If there is an aid fund, please inform the readers.

  3. Carmen

    Kean – I discovered what was really going on in SA when I left the media-censored country. Why don’t you just Google the topic instead of trusting SABC news? My brother’s daily life consists of kissing his wife goodbye every morning, getting into his car and saying to himself: “I could die today. I could get shot for this second hand car that I’m driving. Am I okay with that?” Do you know how many towns in SA are receiving water that contains unacceptably high levels of human poo? What log do you live under?

    On immigration though, I wonder if the legislation somehow reflects that deep-seated fear (hidden in the heart of many a cretin) of being exposed as being inadequate.

    The influx of South African farmers into New-Zealand has (coincidentally) been accompanied by a significant increase in profits and decrease in fertilizer bills. The reward? Resentment by local farmers.
    Asian kids are accused of “stealing all the good grades” in schools.
    A “foreigner” (who happens to be a citizen in the host country, but looks different) is accused of being a threat to the local economy when she opens a restaurant that sells food a bit more palatable than the local traditional boiled up horse meat pies.

    Importing stupid people makes the citizenry feel Bono-esque.

  4. irongalt

    The US immigration policies are favoring globalism…open borders for stupid and uneducated people who can become oinkers upon arrival, while blocking savvy individuals who could pose a threat to the aforementioned oink sector.

    It’s sad about your sister. My immediate thought is have her go to Mexico first and get Mexican citizenship, learn Spanish, and then she would be a well-qualified candidate for US immigration.

    Or, for a more direct route, have her smear black printer ink all over her face and hands, speak with broken English, and importune the immigration officials about all the persecution she’s received as a poor black girl.

    Oh yes – @ kean on 02.15.11 5:03 am – ” I find that surprising because even though there may be tension, it is easing everyday & it is not extreme.” – that’s a stupid statement…considering that the “peace” was arrived at by murdering all of the whites that opposed black rule, and is maintained by ongoing threats (and actions) of murder and worse. The “rainbow” children’s love for “peace” is backed up by all of their sanguinary cohorts.

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