Ebony And Ivory Did Not Come Together In Perfect Criminality

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During their reporting on the Navy Yard shooting in the capital, today, media made frequent mention of a white culprit, who was supposed to have assisted shooter Aaron Alexis.

For one hopeful moment, mass media seemed to have held out hope that the dastardly deed, in which 12 people were killed, was a product of a collaboration between a black and a white man.

Via Policymic:

“…the deputy mayor for public safety stated that one previously identified person of interest, who was previously described as white male wearing a tan military uniform, is no longer a suspect.”

Misidentified hastily by the likes of NBC’s Chuck Todd, poor Navy lieutenant Rollie Chance was soon ruled out as a suspect.

The New York Magazine confirms, however, that “Police continue to seek a black male between 40 and 50 years old with gray sideburns for questioning.”

Alas, media hopes were dashed. Ebony and ivory did not come together in perfect criminality.