Egyptians Don’t Like Executive Orders

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Whereas we in the US lionize our top dogs, mistaking the political overlords for benefactors, Egyptians have no delusions about their “sons of 60 dogs,” an apt Egyptian expression for their political masters.

So after removing one “son of 60 dogs” (President Mohamed Husni Mubarak), they elected another (Mohamed Morsy), this time democratically. These admirably rebellious people are now revolting against Morsy for issuing a “decree, late on Thursday.”

it marks an effort by Morsi to consolidate his influence after he successfully sidelined Mubarak-era generals in August. It defends from judicial review decisions taken by Morsi until a new parliament is elected in a vote expected early next year.
It also shields the Islamist-dominated assembly writing Egypt’s new constitution from a raft of legal challenges that have threatened the body with dissolution, and offers the same protection to the Islamist-controlled upper house of parliament.
Egypt’s highest judicial authority, the Supreme Judicial Council, said the decree was an “unprecedented attack” on the independence of the judiciary.

In American “democracy” such decrees are known as executive orders. For example, Obama passed an immigration law by extra-constitutional directive shortly before the election.

Americans didn’t riot. They never do. (Besides, rioting about free-for-all Third World immigration is racist.)