Gladiators in the Emperor’s Colosseum: Memorial Weekend Message

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It is customary, on Memorial Day weekend, to thank uniformed men for their sacrifice. I thank the likes of Sheriffs Paul Babeu (Pinal County, Arizona), and Joe Arpaio (Maricopa County, Arizona) of this nation, who stand on this country’s soil and defend their countrymen from the detritus of mankind.

My sympathies go out to Americans who fight phantoms in far-flung destinations. I’m sorry they’ve been snookered into living, dying and killing for a lie. But it’s inappropriate for me to honor that lie, or those who give their lives for it, and take the lives of others in America’s many recreational wars. I mourn for them, as I have from day one, but I can’t honor them.

I am sorry for those who’ve enlisted thinking they’d fight for their countrymen and were subjected to one backdoor draft after another in the cause of illegal, unjust wars. My heart hurts for you, but I won’t worship at Moloch’s feet just to lessen that sense of loss and disillusionment.

I honor those sad, sad draftees to Vietnam and to WW II. The first valiant batch had no option; the same goes for the last, which fought a just war. I grew up in Israel, so I honor those men who stopped Arab armies from overrunning our homes. In 1973, we came especially close to annihilation.

What I learned growing up in a war-torn region is that a brave nation fights because it must; a cowardly one fights because it can.”

It is appropriate on this Memorial Day, to watch a documentary RT put together: “Fallujah, a Lost Generation?”

In 2004, Fallujah in Iraq became the theater of a major showdown between the American soldiers and the Iraqi insurgents. But even though the sounds of this harsh battle have died down a long time ago the consequences are only showing now. And they are of the toxic kind. Babies are born with malformations, kids are affected with leukemia and cancer has multiplied tenfold. The situation reminds the one of 1945 post atomic Hiroshima.
Meanwhile, in the USA, the marines who took part in the battle are developing strange diseases.
What really happened in Fallujah?
Which weapons were used? White phosphorus? Depleted uranium?
Has a generation of Iraqis been sacrificed?

America’s military men are penned like gladiators—condemned criminals, slaves and wild animals—in the Colosseum, destined to murder or die for the benefit of the craven Emperor and his comitatus.

2 thoughts on “Gladiators in the Emperor’s Colosseum: Memorial Weekend Message

  1. james huggins

    I will honor the GIs and sailors and all the rest. Damn the politicians. I will also honor the cops like Arpaio and Babeu who aren’t political hacks beholden to corrupt political bosses. If one doesn’t know what to think about officers like that just look at their enemies. Obama, Holder, liberal media, Mexican politicians etc. These cops are shot at from two different sides and we owe them a lot.

  2. My RON PAUL i

    American attempts to rule Indochina resulted in 4 million dead, uncounted wounded, PTSD’s, ruined crops, families destroyed….

    A friend is going to Afghanistan – that is the price of enlistment – but it does not preserve my freedoms. I hope for the sake of him, his wife, and soon-to-be-born baby that he makes it out OK.

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