Hamas Uses Human Shields (Dah!)

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The liberal mindset infesting the West cannot comprehend what the hopelessly left-liberal Israel is up against.

A picture paints a thousand words:

Here Gazans, acting as an Ummah, casually describe the practice of galvanizing warm bodies behind which their warriors can cower. And Terror TV reports the protocol straight faced, with embellishments. What liberals—the far left as well as the far-gone libertarian and paleo factions—don’t get, is what Hamas’s Ismail Haniya explained quite clearly.

Having figured out Israel’s Achilles Heel some time ago, Haniya once snorted to the Washington Post: “Palestinians have Israelis on the run, because they have found their weak spot: Jews love life more than other people, and they prefer not to die.”

3 thoughts on “Hamas Uses Human Shields (Dah!)

  1. Myron Pauli

    Actually, I am somewhat surprised at the amount of “Hamas had this coming” attitude among the mainstream and even some Arabs…. but then this is in furtherance of “moderate” Fatah getting together with Livni/Barak in a “peace process”. It appears that Hamas is not as good at playing the leftist sympathy game as Fatah but, in the long haul, Israel (and of course Europe and the US) may not have the patience of a Hamas which can embrace a loss and declare it to be a victory. To a totalitarian mindset, the loss a few hundred when demographics are on your side is insignificant in the long haul and shouting “massacre” and “genocide” long enough will wear down those with very short-term memories.

  2. The CronoLink

    Horrible. What WE have found out though is that these terrorists are monster psychopaths; kinda like religious Jokers.

  3. Pierre Legrand

    I disagree with you regarding Iraq, as I do believe we were justified.

    On the other hand, and it is a very large other hand, everything else I have read so far, in the short time since I discovered you, is remarkable.

    Thank you for so eloquently putting my thoughts into beautiful prose. Wow!

    Now back to buying ammunition and firearms before everything is outlawed.

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