Updated: It Takes A Jew To Tell It Like It Is

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“If it’s a racist society, the white people are the ones being persecuted because they have to defend themselves” against ‘professional racists’ like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.”

So said the feisty Jewish comedian Jackie Mason, after causing an uproar by referring to Obama as a “schwartza” during a stand-up routine.

“I’m an old Jew. I was raised in a Jewish family where ‘schwartza’ was used. It’s not a demeaning word and I’m not going to defend myself.”

My grandfather, RIP, was an innocent, sweet man. He too used that particular Yiddish word and meant nothing bad by it.

“And there was this parting shot [from Mason]: ‘I’m more talented than Oprah Winfrey and look at how much she makes. I can’t even make a living.'”

Don’t we know how he feels. (But the market doesn’t adjudicate quality.)

We also know of white men who’ve lived to rue the day they’ve spoken the politically unpalatable. Imus was lynched by the mob Mason mentioned. They were joined by willing conservatives executioners.

Here’s hoping Mason doesn’t back down.

Update (March 16): In response to Gunjam, and about the line, “the marketplace doesn’t adjudicate quality.” I wrote this concept in 2003, in the article “MUCH ADO ABOUT CONSERVATIVES AND POP CULTURE“:

“More often than not, the marketplace doesn’t adjudicate the quality of art or pop culture. … The market does no more than offer an aggregate snapshot of the trillions of subjective preferences enacted by consumers. Aguilera (Christina) probably sells more than Ashkenazy (Vladimir) ever did. Britney outdoes Borodin. For some, this will be faith inspiring, for others deeply distressing.”


The concept can be found in its succinct version under “Pop Culture & Populism,” in the “Quotables” section.

3 thoughts on “Updated: It Takes A Jew To Tell It Like It Is

  1. JP Strauss

    I judge right from wrong by how popular my views are. It’s been quite accurate so far.

    I grow even more proud of being a white male each passing day because I don’t believe there is any other demographic on this planet that can take such a multi-fronted onslaught and still keep their chin up. We are accused of everything from racism and slavery to having manageable hair.

  2. Myron Pauli

    Found this website: http://www.yiddishdictionaryonline.com/
    Next thing you know, Mason will call Barack a goy-boy or a shaygetz and call his mom a shikse. Well, its always good news when the silliness (Imus, Shapton, Mason) oozes up since it means that Feter-Schmuel (Uncle Sam) is not passing any new bailouts or starting more wars. Say here’s a thought – what if Jackie Mason met George “Bill of Rights” Mason?? Anyway, if Jackie (Mason) gets in trouble, he’ll need Perry (Mason -the TV lawyer – a show which Ayn Rand loved) to defend his (George) Mason rights! // P.S. According to the Yiddush dictionary, you are a kluger – (smart person) except that is male – so I wonder if there is a klugess?

  3. gunjam

    Ms. Mercer, I had Jewish friends growing up, and some of them and some of their parents used the term, “schwartza.” Don’t tell Sharpton, but the Hawaiians say, “popolo,” and the Japanese say “kokajin.” I am not sure Sharpton has enough energy to sue all the world’s offenders. I do enjoy Jackie Mason: He is gutsy and funny. I hope he doesn’t back down either. As far as the market place not adjudicating quality — great concept: Have you blogged on that idea? You are a prime example: You certainly deserve to be “under the lights” far more than you are.

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