Joel Pollak Knows Diddlysquat About South Africa, Old & New

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Some pipsqueak, Joel Pollak, has written a deeply silly, short, insubstantial piece about South Africa. “Blue State Blues: My Immigrant Father’s Warning—’When Illegality Becomes the Law'” is sufficiently shallow, ahistoric and counterfactual to elicit emotions at, without taxing critical thinking. Pollak, who should know better as he is from South Africa, is an example of the convergence of American liberalism and conservatism. Conservatism in the US is leftism by any other name, when it comes to most things, but especially South Africa.

More people are murdered in a week under Democracy than were murdered by the National Party over 40 years of rule. Read Dan Rood’s response.

Joel Pollak Knows Squat About South Africa, Old & New
By Dan Roodt

Joel Pollak’s article is just way off the mark in every respect. What Obama’s executive decree on immigration has got to do with South Africa is a complete mystery. If anything, Obama’s actions are a lot closer to what Pollak’s parents did, trashing a country that had nurtured and educated them in favour of the unknown and siding with radical liberals and communists seeking the overthrow of the legal government of South Africa.

The number of people who “disappeared” during forty years of Afrikaner rule from 1948 to 1994 may be counted on one hand and those who were victims of police brutality like Steve Biko were immortalized by the hysterical liberal media. Those same media ignored the car bombs on the streets or in restaurants planted by terrorists sponsored by the ex-Soviet Union, East Germany and the equally crazy Sweden.

Terrorism is still an international crime. Terrorism and disinformation brought South Africa to its knees. One of the first things that the new revolutionary government did in 1994 was to abolish all forms of border control, letting our country be swamped by illegal immigrants. Our legal system which used to be far better and more efficient than in most Western countries, scrupulously maintained by well-trained and professional jurists, has been perverted by an anti-white constitution and activist liberal judges who abolished the death penalty and introduced same-sex marriage against the will of all the people, white and black.

The same liberal screamers in the media who excoriated police action against terrorists and communist revolutionaries in South Africa are now completely silent about the 700 people who die annually in police custody or the 15% of police who have criminal records. Not to forget the 77 homicides taking place every day. Since the advent of so-called “democracy” in South Africa – which is little more than mob rule – over 500 000 people have been murdered, between 15 and 20 million women have been raped and our major cities have become the equivalent of Detroit.

South Africa used to be a pillar of Western civilization. Betrayed by the likes of Mr. Joel Pollak and his parents, it has now become a kind of science-fiction dystopia where up to 500 people are murdered annually for body parts to be used in black magic potions, while you order your “medicine” from your witchdoctor on a mobile phone. There are Ferguson-style riots and protests almost every day, routinely ignored by the liberal MSM as they consider rioting a normal function of “democracy.”

This very afternoon there were blackouts all over the country as our once proud electrical utility, Eskom, ruined by corruption, mismanagement, theft and race preferences (“affirmative action”), is struggling to keep the grid running.

As Ilana Mercer warns in her prescient book “Into The Cannibal’s Pot”, the USA is at risk of following in South Africa’s footsteps. A minority of ultraliberals and communists will assemble voting cattle from across your borders, whip them up with racial and ethnic resentment against traditional white Americans, and then rule forever while pillaging your country.

The recipe has already been applied in South Africa and the utter devastation is there for all to see.


DAN ROODT, Ph.D., is a noted Afrikaner activist, author, literary critic and director of PRAAG (which features my weekly column). He is the author of the polemical essay, “The Scourge of the ANC”.