UPDATE VI: ‘Lights Out’ ILANA?

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If you are a new to IlanaMercer.com and its sister site, BarelyABlog.com, welcome! Read a better rounded biographical and professional exposé here. In brief:

I am a US-based, classical liberal writer. I pen WorldNetDaily.com’s longest-standing, exclusive, libertarian, weekly column, “Return to Reason.” With a unique audience of 8 million, WND.COM has been rated by Alexa as the most frequented “conservative” site on the Internet. Formerly syndicated by Creators Syndicate, I also contribute to London’s Quarterly Review. I am a fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies, an independent, non-profit economic policy think tank.

Millions have read this writer’s work over the years on WND.COM (ranked 2,855th on the internet rater, Alexa).

Here is some easily digestible data on the reach of the work done at IlanaMercer.com and BarelyABlog.com.

Barely a Blog (BAB) is ranked 194,834 th on Alexa, globally. That would make BAB number 30 (or thereabouts) on the list of “Libertarian Top 50 Sites.” A ranking of 214,628 th on Alexa shows that IlanaMercer.com is also on the ascendancy. A little over 6 months on Facebook have netted close to 2600 Facebook Friends. Expanding too is the Facebook Fan page of my latest book, Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa. Please log-in to “Like” The Cannibal. To read The Cannibal is to love it. Guaranteed. To review this book on Amazon is to support what I believe will prove to be a prophetic and important text.

Not bad for a one-woman operation.

In a gracious note to this writer, the one and only Patrick J. Buchanan wrote: “I believe your book is being sold [or bundled on Amazon] along with my new book, ‘Suicide of a Superpower: Will America survive to 2025.’ … my 18,000-word chapter on ethnonationalism and tribalism and the surge of both throughout the Third World—as well as our own declining world—tracks pretty much with what you wrote

Every bit as gratifying to this writer was a courtesy copy of “Suicide of a Superpower,” thus inscribed: “To Ilana Mercer: Fellow Columnist and Fellow Conservative, with The Respect and good wishes of The Author.”

Still and all, to say that the publication process of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa has been punishing would be an understatement. From it, I’ve drawn certain conclusions as to the future of the independent, not-for-sale public intellectual. I will not act on these realizations for the time being. Let a cooling-off period prevail. But to state that I have come close to quitting what I do—what I have done for well over a decade since arriving in North America—would be a misleading subtlety.

Bluntly put: without the support of my readers, also my financial backers, I would have given up a long time ago. I’ll share with you this small thing: I now have proof positive that, however good, nothing I write is likely to be acceptable to mainstream, “conservative” publishing presses. With very few exceptions, most of what is published by this bunch, who masquerade as edgy and gritty, amounts to politically palatable pabulum. Regurgitated “ideas” and received opinion: this is what the conservative presses peddle. Exhibit A is Ann Coulter, who has just released her umpteenth “Democrats-are-demons-Republicans-are-angels” tract. (Most conservative books are way worse than Coulter’s as she, at least, doesn’t produce badly edited, piss-poor prose.)

As I’ve said, painful realizations as to the value of this writer’s work in this particular age must be put off for now. At least until the job is done. That job consists in popularizing Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa, so that it can become a voice for the dispossessed.

Naturally, there are bills to be paid.

If you value my work and wish me to continue producing it despite ever-diminishing returns, please support the sites and their proprietor, and, of course, purchase a copy of Into the Cannibal’s Pot, and review the book on Amazon.

UPDATE I (May 17, 2011): I don’t wish to spoil future reading for you; I provide specifics about publishing in the Age of the Idiot in the Preface to Into the Cannibal’s Pot. Understand: This is not about the rejection of The Cannibal by a cowardly mainstream conservative press posing as non-mainstream. Books and book proposals are rejected every day. I’ve been in this “business” long enough to know that much. My disgust at the described state of affairs, and the ensuing conclusion about my future in the context detailed, has been exacerbated by the fact that almost to a man did these publishers praise this writer’s efforts. The stated reasons for shrugging off the ethnic cleansing of the shrinking, white, rural community of South Africa had nothing to do with the quality of the polemic, which, as I say, was almost unanimously commended. The excuses ran the following gamut:

This writer had no following worth mentioning. Yes, YOU do not count! Six months on Facebook put the lie to that lie.

Another excuse had it that Americans (YOU again) don’t give a tinker’s toss about anything beyond their borders (not even when the monsters they elect help bring about these catastrophes)—not about the Iraqis they helped liberate from limbs and lives, or for some South African farmer abandoned to the mercies of mob rule at the urging of DC schemers.

All in all, it used to be that publishers saw fit to lead the way; to raise interest, and create demand through the publication endeavor. Their aim these days, however, is to do no more than satiate a lurid craving for the literary equivalent of American idol and Oprah.

UPDATE II (May 18, 2011): Contemplationist and all the rest: Talk is cheap. Spare me the “You go, girl” pep talks. Unless those who make use of this site and value the work done here begin to support it—the whole thing will cease. This will give my enemies great pleasure (you’ll be surprised how many of them are in the “liberty” camp). But, contrary to what some here seem to believe, I am not in the charity business. This degree of self-sacrifice is no fun and is bad for one’s health. If there is no demand for what I do; then I will stop doing it and wearing myself down in the process.

Contributors to this blog should also please provide their email addresses (which always remain anon), in accordance with Posting Policy, and subscribe to the Mercer Mailing List

UPDATE III (May 23, 2011): GOING BLOND. GS’s email is amusing:

Sent: Sunday, May 22, 2011 7:41 PM
To: ilana@ilanamercer.com
Subject: Light’s out Ilana?

“You could dye your hair blonde, lose your accent, get implants, shave 20 points off your IQ & wear a little black dress to all public social functions. You’d probably be a regular on ‘Fox and Friends’ within the month but I expect you might find this unpalatable. Also, you’d earn the undying envy of Megyn Kelly. That could be dangerous.”

UPDATE IV (Aug. 9, 2011): ‘LIBERTARIAN TOP 50 SITES’ ‘MISSES’ MERCER. Read the post, and email the hosts.

The author of IlanaMercer.com and Barely a Blog has never sought what one wag called “the warm smell of the herd.” However, the problem with those who think they can wish-away an individual’s substantial, indubitably classical liberal, output (this work included) is this: One day not so far away, they’ll look bad. Maybe even a little malevolent. Their credibility is at stake, not my 14 years of writing in the cause of liberty.

Disses and difficulties aside, my gratitude goes to my regular contributors; you know who you are. The letters reproduced below are the latest in many hundreds received over the years. Unfortunately, words won’t cut it anymore. If you value my commentary as well as the unique community we’ve created together on this space; if you appreciate the time I spend in crafting original, topical commentary, keeping the Comments Forum open for your venting; responding to Comments, and ensuring exchanges remain civil, respectful and grammatical—please show your appreciation.

UPDATE V (Aug. 23, 2011): GOLD AS BONA FIDE. If devotees of Austrian economics had a support group in every state, here is how I’d introduce myself: “ILANA MERCER, author of ‘Into the Cannibal’s Pot,’ and WND.COM’s longest-standing (possibly most predictive), exclusive, libertarian column. Gold-bug since $800.”

From: Michael
Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2011 10:41 AM
To: ilana@ilanamercer.com


I admire your ability to write clearly and concisely. However, the icing on the cake for me is your ability to turn a phrase. Sometimes they are hilarious and other times they carry a richness; an intellectual heft I understand but could never create on my own. I also admire the fact that you are fluent at least in English and Hebrew. You’re one smart chick! I don’t know of many writers who can write about Brownian motion and actually know what it means!

Until the last few years I’ve considered myself a “conservative with libertarian leanings”. Your writing and resources in your blog site are helping me understand why I’ve had these libertarian leanings all these years. Because of your articles and some of the words of Myron Pauli I’m rethinking my whole attitude toward the post-World War II application of force in our foreign policy. The outcomes in both Iraq and Afghanistan concern me. Did we sacrifice the lives of our young men on the altar of creating Islamic Republics under the ruse of exporting democracy? The law of unintended consequences has played a huge role in the aftermaths of our “adventures” in the Middle East and Southwest Asia.

Have a blessed Passover,


From: Kerry
Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 12:58 PM
To: ilana@ilanamercer.com
Subject: (No Subject)

Dear Ilana,
I would just like to thank you for all your work you’ve done and continue to do. You are the most coherent, intelligent and readable ambassador of libertarian, Old-Right thought writing today. The fact that you are never asked to be on Fox news (or Fox Business) is rather telling, since they claim to champion truth in a “fair and balanced” package. It seems one has to be a neoconservative statist or an establishment, left-leaning libertarian to get any air time with them.
All the best,

From: Len
Sent: Friday, February 18, 2011 9:45 PM
To: ilana@ilanamercer.com
Subject: Wow!!

Dear Ms. Ilana Mercer,

You are a shining beacon of TRUTH in an otherwise dark, evil, crazy world. I do not have the vocabulary (as you do) to convey the knowledge I gain from your articles. I have been reading your articles since 2004, when I was in Iraq working for KBR and wrote you an email chastising you for an article on George W. Bush and his neocon practices. You wrote back within hours and explained your reasoning behind your belief and it changed the way I look at the world’s politicians. As the old saying goes, I saw the light! I have just finished your article “Media’s Sickening Sentimentality On Egypt.” I was thinking, as I watched it unfold on my laptop (I’m back in Iraq working again), along the same lines your article talked about, and I thought: Wow!! You hit the nail square on the head. Another old saying. I wanted to let you know my appreciation for your wisdom and thinking that has changed the way I look at the world! Thank you!!
Sincerely a reader for life!
Basra, Iraq

From: Robert
Sent: Friday, May 13, 2011 10:13 AM
To: imercer@wnd.com
Subject: Aid to Israel

Beloved Queen Ester (aka I Mercer),

How right you are concerning the aid to Israel. As one that was in the biz of providing the direct support thru foreign military aid (FMS) during my tenure with the Department of Defense in Denver, I can attest first-hand to the control of that country through strings attached to aid. … I had the opportunity to travel to the Israeli Mission in Manhattan to audit the contracts let with those same funds. In doing so, I was able to meet the most able and influential folks within the mission and visually confirm that they are some of the most capable and ethically sound reps Israel has in service to their country.

Just keep on keeping on young lady. You do good stuff. Being a good evangelical Christian that I am, I do love Israel and always hope for her well-being. Not only is it scripturally sound, it makes good sense (cents) to pray for her continuation. You just do what you do best and write down for future generations the wisdom you have at your disposal.

As an old geezer now, I still think you ought to remind your husband what a lovely jewel he has in you. May The Almighty Father keep you in his loving care.

11 thoughts on “UPDATE VI: ‘Lights Out’ ILANA?

  1. james huggins

    Ilana mercer turn a phrase? You betcha! Ilana Mercer turning a phrase is like Rembrandt using his brush or a bulldog clearing his throat just before he bites you in the backside. As I have said before, I have done swan dives into my Funk and Wagnell on many occasions while reading Mercer. I usually agree with her but actually I agree with Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh more often, but they, nor anyone else, have the pure genius and ability to make me think like Mercer. That’s why she’s the greatest. She is truly a prophet without appreciation in her own village.

  2. MeMyselfI

    “I now have proof positive that, however good, nothing I write is likely to be acceptable to mainstream, “conservative” publishing presses. With very few exceptions, most of what is published by this bunch, who masquerade as edgy and gritty, amounts to politically palatable pabulum.”

    What you’ve run into is this:

    “All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.” – Nietzsche.

    Unfortunately, it’s the high IQ sociopaths that wield the most power, most of the time. There’s no way to fix this, either.

    Keep up the good fight, if you can.

  3. Dennis

    Ilana, please consider the following:

    1. Copernicus and “De revolutionilus”
    2. Galileo and “Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems”

    I hope journalists, major media, and the general public have advanced further along the road to objective inquiry than to blindly reject your writings sans discussion or consideration.

    I will be placing my order for your book over the weekend.

    [Thank you, Dennis.]

    ps I have already referenced it several times to FOX NEWS/BUSINESS hosts…hope it helps.

  4. CompassionateFascist

    Yes, except for her Zionist thing, Ilana is one of the most articulate and consistent libcons. Yesterday I plugged Into The Cannibal’s Pot at a couple of WN/hardright sites and – if I can scare up enough SB’rans who want a cab ride this weekend – will soon order a copy of my very own.

  5. Michael

    At risk of being accused of repeating myself, I ask that you regularly update where your book becomes available (Read: B&N).

    [The Buy Buttons on the well-designed Cannibal Page tell it all. Right now, you can order pre-release copies from publisher. Amazon Button on the page will activate once that account is activated. Then you can buy from Amazon. Moreover, if you sign-up for my Mailing List, you will get notice.]

  6. Myron Pauli in Alabama

    Please continue to write in spite of the rather overwhelming temptation to say “F.U.” to a planet of buffoons – Even “on the road”, I like to log in and see some sanity while “conservatives” like Rick Santorum are screaming “torture uber alles”.

    You are a great writer and a clear headed thinker; qualities that are double rare in our modern world of Fox News vs. MSNBC. I am honored if Michael mentions me in the same sentence as you.

    [Thanks much Myron.]

    Once my house gets sold, I will send in some support above and beyond words of encouragement.

  7. Contemplationist

    This is the worst possible time to be discouraged! No matter how much of blowhards the publishing people are, this is an unprecedented time for self-publishing if a publisher is denied to you. There is lulu and amazon’s print on demand.
    True, to become a blockbuster hit, you probably need a major publisher. However, simply distributing your work and having it read has never been easier relative to the past. Silver lines etc

  8. MB

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time, and the thought of it going away is dismal. I ordered your book. The hard sell always works when an item is valued — you should find that encouraging.

    [Thank you, MB; please subscribe to my newsletter here.]

  9. Robert Glisson

    Ilana: I can’t offer glib comments. When one marches to the beat of a different drummer, dares to go outside the line, they are pretty much alone. I have seen a lot of people have to sit on the sidelines; because, they didn’t join the team. The United States is divided between Progressives and Conservatives, Libertarians for the most part are Republican or Democrat Light, not willing to pay the party dues. For those of us who choose a separate path, we have the road to ourselves and have to pay for our own gas. Sometimes, it’s better to step onto the sidewalk and let the buses have the road. I would hate to see you go, but I understand.

  10. Contemplationist

    I feel like the fat kid always being picked on! It wasn’t a you-go girl speech at all. Just an empirical fact that relative to other epochs in history, this is the best time to be shunned by the mainstream. You obviously still need demand/customers to continue anything, be it writing or making music (to pick another similar industry), but as long as you are assured that the demand exists, you should ignore the mainstream blowhards.
    I am waiting for the Amazon link to place my order.

    [Thank you, and forgive the prickliness.]

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