Mainstream Stumblebum Stumbles on Rand Paul’s Modus Operandi

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On CNN today, TIME Managing Editor Rick Stengel let on that he has finally noticed what was observed on 03.06.13., and I paraphrase not second-hander Stengel, but the BAB post “Rand Paul Slaying The Drone (Political Triangulation)”:

Rand Paul is triangulating, getting some on the Left to listen, while neutralizing the other side.

However, Stengel stumbled when it came to the very topic he was on TV to discuss: “Rand Paul Backs Gun Rights Group Attacking Cantor.”

To the extent that I understood his position, Stengel appeared to believe that by supporting The National Association for Gun Rights’ attack ad against House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Rand Paul was siding with conservatives as against libertarians.

Come again?

“…one National Association for Gun Rights ad accuses Cantor of “wanting to pass Obama’s gun control schemes,” and says Cantor “doesn’t sound like a Virginian or a Republican anymore; Eric Cantor sounds like someone else.” The ad includes a graphic of Cantor’s face morphing into Obama’s.”

Libertarians do not want to see law-abiding gun owners subjected to Barack Obama’s probes.

In any case, stumblebum Stengel did have a eureka moment, rare in mainstream media, when he galvanized the Clinton-era concept triangulation to describe Rand Paul’s political modus operandi.