Mass Immigration ‘End Of Days’ Scenario

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The following is from my new WND column, “Mass Immigration ‘End Of Days’ Scenario”:

“Toward the conclusion of my pleasant stay at the national, WorldNetDaily, ‘Taking America Back’ conference (some images are here), I was asked by the especially able organizer, Albert Thompson, to take part in a panel discussion on illegal immigration. The thinking was that, as an immigrant, I’d be able to speak to the topic with added force.

Unfortunately—or fortunately for the audience and the organizer—previous panels were running late, and I was forced to depart for Miami International to catch one of two flights back to the Pacific Northwest.

In any event, I did not get to say my piece. As I take my duty to do the job Americans won’t do very seriously (to use Peter Brimelow’s refrain), I’ll say it now.

The problem with the immigration master narrative is this: The scope of the discussion is limited to illegal immigration only, and is framed as follows: Follow our laws and we’ll welcome you into out country; break the law, and out you go.

This politically permissible position against illegal immigration, moreover, relies for its justification on the law. But argument from the positive law is usually flawed. The state’s laws—most of which do not comport with natural law—are an unreliable gauge of right and wrong.

What Americans ought to be discussing, and are not, is mass immigration (which subsumes illegal immigration). And, in particular, the radical transforming of America, through state-engineered immigration policies.” …

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11 thoughts on “Mass Immigration ‘End Of Days’ Scenario

  1. Bill Scantlen

    As you are well aware, Israel and the Jews are not as welcome to this country as before. Thanks to a man that calls himself President, the Jewish state is suspect.
    Besides, without the influx of people from Central and South America, the democratic vote would fall to perilous levels.
    Dumb down as many people as you can and then feed them pablum and they will eat out of your hand.

  2. David Smith

    I was required to attend a multi-cultural event as part of my job yesterday evening, an Hispanic Heritage Month program. The main speaker, a friendly, affable professor of Spanish language and literature at our local college, touted the new Hispanic Heritage Center there.

    I am offended. Why am I supposed to promote and support his culture’s invasion of my home? Would his folk allow this outrage in their homeland? But I as a descendant of Continental Army soldiers must sit there and applaud the flood that is overwhelming my country and my culture. I don’t want to live in Mexico, Panama, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, et al. This is my country that my “white trash” Scots, Irish, and English ancestors settled. If I want a cultural education, I’ll go to those countries. But I see how it is, as it’s been written elsewhere, the concept is “invade the world, invite the world”. What presumption! What outrage!

  3. George Pal

    Trafficking in ‘third world huddled masses – without skills’ was not meant to pretty-up local color; its purpose is revealed in the grandiloquent Kennedy platitude (amendable for any Kennedy occasion):

    …we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success and the permanence of the Democratic ruling establishment.

  4. DR

    Hi Ilana,

    I read your superb commentary, “Mass immigration ‘End of Days’ scenario”.

    Yes, this is extremely important and crucial for people to fully comprehend, “Mass immigration ‘End of Days’ scenario”.

    Thank, thank, thank you for writing this piece. I hope Joseph Farah shall incorporate your article in his “Whistleblower” monthly.

    You articulated the pinnacle events in a very succinct and illuminating fashion; formulating the immigration question and debate beyond merely “illegal immigration” per se.

    Many do not have the wherewithal and grasp of immigration policy and historical footing that you have shared; and can’t see the forest, for all of the trees, politically speaking.


    Thanks so very much for shedding light on crux and antitisis of what went wrong with our immigration policy in America; and the tipping point of mass immigration policy that’s leading to an “End of Days” scenario.

    I greatly appreciated your thoughts, and correlation with Israel, too.

    God speed.


  5. Augustine

    As a permanent resident, I cannot bring but my spouse and minor children with me. As a naturalized citizen, I still cannot bring any adult children, but I can bring my parents, but not any sibling, though in practice it’s nearly impossible, since the wait time is about a decade.

    AFAIK, my extended family cannot come because I become a citizen.

  6. Michel Cloutier

    Well, I have my ‘End-of-days’ scenario. Pandemic hits Mexico hard. Mexican state fails (not too hard to imagine). The deluge is upon you, 30+ million strong. In Washington, the Emperor keeps fiddling, mouth agape.

  7. John McNeill

    Well written article, Ilana. You are wise to try to get conservatives to understand that the core issue isn’t papers, it’s something much more substantial: the very nature of the country itself. I don’t think many conservatives will listen; they are too beholden to the idea of a “propositional nation”. Right-wing universal utopianism, essentially.

    “This is my country that my “white trash” Scots, Irish, and English ancestors settled.”

    This is an important idea, and something that needs to be explored more. We could denounce immigration till the cows come home, but unless we present something substantial as an alternative; something worth preserving, we won’t get anywhere, as we will have no basis for which to criticize immigration. Positive nationalist identity is something that needs to be cultivated.

  8. Myron Pauli

    There are several competing factors that are completely changing America:

    (1) The borrowing culture leading towards financial Armageddon

    (2) Decline in civil liberties due to Wars on Terror and Drugs as well as an ever growing pile of financial regulations on businesses and individuals

    (3) Cultural and moral transformation – in which mass immigration is a leading but not the sole contributor (the leftist PC Kultur of modern Universities and the mass media also contributes synergistically with the mass immigration)

    It is as if the patient (America) not only has cancer but also multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s all at once.

    As for whole villages in the West Bank full of “Americans” – that includes several ultra-Orthodox “relatives” of mine who know as much English as my nephew’s cockatoo and have been in the US for perhaps a week in their life. Naturally, they are “entitled” to stimulus checks unlike my taxpaying daughter and myself.

    As an added BONUS – we may soon invite millions of Iraqis and Afghans who were supposedly “on our side” to come and settle in America after we pull out – so much for “fighting terrorism overseas”.

  9. Bob

    While I agree, Obama is counting on the southern invasion for re-enforcements, you underestimate the appeal of OPM (Other People’s Money). He’s getting recruits from both sides fast.

  10. Derek

    I found this clip on a blog. It is a 7 minute segment from some English movie that I’ve never seen. This scene features a character who lashes out at the changes he sees happening to England. It really could apply to the US, Canada, Australia or any other Western nation. I really thought the actor captured the frustration of many of us in the West.

  11. Palmer

    Dead on. Phony conservatives & the uninformed only talk about illegal immigration. I wrote an article 17 years ago tracing the history of U.S immigration policy 1965-1993:”The Great Betrayal” is online(with a few scanning typos) The “Immigration Plot” by Jerry Woodruff of Middle American News explains that this transformation of America is no accident.

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