UPDATED (5/18): Mercer’s Idea Of ‘WASP Homoerotism’ And Buchanan’s ‘Ethnomasochism’

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On February 6, 2017, I wrote a column titled, “Are Liberals Turned-On By Turning The Other (Gluteus Maximus) Cheek?

To quote:

“It’s as though liberal men derive homo-erotic pleasure from bowing-and-scraping to assailants and ceding to racial claims-making.”

The insight rang powerful, true and utterly naughty. So I ran the column again in April 27, 2018, for WND. To quote:

The pale, liberal patriarchy is a pioneer in forever scrutinizing itself for signs of racism and deficits in empathy toward “The Other,” while readily accusing others of the same.
It’s as though liberal men derive erotic pleasure from prostrating themselves to assailants and ceding to racial claims-making. Could it be that liberal men are driven by a powerful homo-erotic impulsive?

The theme of sexual-submission really jelled in “The Barbarians Are In Charge: Scenes From The Sacking of America,” published first on June 11, 2020.

The column described the “Kneeling Ninnies”—those who lay down for the Black Lives Matter thugs during last year’s BLM riots; men, cops too, “who knelt down like girls, instead of standing tall like men for law and order”:

men in uniform all collapsed to the pavements like yogis to the command of their black tormentors. One after another. … The forces, police and paramilitary, all squatted like sissies

I concluded:

It’s almost as though WASPs get a homo-erotic sexual charge out of prostrating themselves in front of The Evil Other.

Tying sexual-submission to the acts of WASPs kneeling and ceding ground en masse to The Evil Other: This is an idiosyncratic idea: my own.

But what do you know? On May 17, 2021, Pedro Gonzales fingers the response to the BLM rioting and general punditry meekness as psycho-sexual ethnomasocism. He says:

I’ve characterized it as a kind of psychosexual enthomasocism.”

Homo-erotic; psycho-sexual, potato, potahto.

Ethnomasochism, of course, came into use via Patrick J. Buchanan. The term is from Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?

John Derbyshire does the honest linguistic forensics: “The earliest usage in a book that I am aware of is in Pat Buchanan’s 2011 Suicide of a Superpower.” However, Pat, says Derbyshire, was preceded by Jared Taylor.

One might convincingly—and charitably—argue that “ethnomasochism” as a term has come into common use.

However a term is not a concept.  And tying sexual-submission to the acts of WASPs kneeling or ceding ground en masse to The Evil Other is an idiosyncratic Mercer concept. Like it or not, it comes from an oeuvre typical with such insight over 21 years.

Ethnomasocism is Buchanan via Taylor.

“Mental telepathy”?

Conservatives, teach the kids to cite their sources, as part of a personal ethic. Teachers are clearly not imparting that ethic.

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UPDATE (5/18): My knowledge of my own work is photographic; the idiom, the expressions, the way of thinking. So, the ears definitely perk-up at this stray, familiar quip:

Pedro Gonzales, April 29, 2021:

I regret to inform you that the absolute top priority of the conservative movement and the GOP today is assuring Americans that Democrats are the real racists.”

“…Democrats are the real racists” is the Mercer verbatim description, in 2014, of GOP “silly tit-for-tat argumentation”:

: “…DEMOCRATS ARE THE REAL RACISTS; Republicans are the party of Lincoln, the liberator of blacks. We’re against abortion and welfare because we love blacks.” (From “Fee-Fi-Fo-Fem, I Smell The Blood Of A Racist,” ilana mercer, May 16, 2014.)

As for the “Conservative Case for a Higher Minimum Wage“: The inimitable Ron Unz had made the case in 2014.

Myself, I would have acknowledged those who went before. Ron sure did:

Over the last few weeks prominent conservatives such as Phyllis Schlafly and Bill O’Reilly have endorsed a much higher minimum wage and a leading economic writer at National Review did the same several months ago. The Daily Caller, one of the most widely read conservative publications, recently ran a 2,500 word article highlighting all the important conservative reasons for supporting a minimum wage hike, and numerous rightwing pundits have been saying the same things on their websites for the last couple of years. I’m very glad that more and more conservatives are now coming around to supporting the conservative side of this issue, joining liberals who are supporting a wage hike for all sorts of liberal reasons.

2 thoughts on “UPDATED (5/18): Mercer’s Idea Of ‘WASP Homoerotism’ And Buchanan’s ‘Ethnomasochism’

  1. Musil Protege

    Bad manners, to say the least. His mama didn’t teach him none too good, as we say in the South.

    Seriously, though, have you ever (EVER) thought worse of a person because they cited a source? Was your first thought, hmmm, that guy’s not an original thinker. On the contrary, I think I like the citer more for citing. It shows he’s reading deeply in the literature on the subject at hand, and that he has an appropriate sense of modesty and self-esteem. If PG had said, “you know, Tucker, I’ve been reading Ilana Mercer for years, and she has this wonderful image of…etc.,” it would have been the right thing to do and Tucker would have thought no less of him as being the fresh new face on the intellectual scene.

    As far as being the fresh new face, well, he pales in comparison to people like Coulter & Malkin (but of course Fox banned them). He falls far way short of PJB in his prime. He’s surely not nearly as good as ilana in her own media appearances—not as well-mannered and obviously not as original. I think Tucker might have done a lot better to give a leg up to young guys like Darren Beattie & Nick Fuentes, than the ponderous Pedro. Of course, now that I think of it, Fox seems to have both of those fellows on their own no-fly list.

  2. Jack Kerwick

    Upon hearing Pedro Gonzalez’s exchange with Tucker Carlson, something sounded familiar. This struck me as strange, for I was nearly sure that I was NOT familiar with the work of Pedro Gonzalez. Knowing that I could be mistaken on this score, I did a quick internet search. Within no time, the mystery was solved: While it is true that I was unfamiliar with Pedro Gonzalez, I was indeed acquainted with the idea for which he argued on Tucker’s program. And this, I was quickly reminded, is because the idea originated with Ilana Mercer, who advanced it for the first time a few years ago! She defended this thesis once more last summer in the midst of the BLM riots that visited billions of dollars worth of damage to legions of American cities.

    Of course, it is possible for intelligent, thinking people to independently arrive at the same conclusions. This idea, though, is not one of them, for no one, but Ilana, has so much as floated it, let alone defended it.

    While it is good that Pedro was given the opportunity to express Ilana’s brilliant insight on Tucker’s massive platform, he should’ve given credit to the person who first birthed and nurtured it. He could’ve then elaborated upon it, as Ilana herself did in her articles on the subject. Perhaps he was concerned that had he not passed off this provocative and original idea as his own, that neither Tucker nor any other high-profile conservative celebrities would lavish upon him the praise that Tucker in fact bestowed. If so, Pedro has it ass-backwards: Citing his source while cultivating her position would have revealed to his admirers that he was not just an honest man, but an educated one, for it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to explore, revise, and expand the ideas of others, to explore their nuances, their contours, and utilize them for the purposes of illuminating new circumstances.

    Pedro Gonzalez would do himself a good turn to bear this in mind in the future.

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