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James (E-mail: IP: is incapable of doing a Google Search (much less a spell check). He insults my veracity and accuses me of fabricating, in “Mbeki Puts On Thinking Cap to Wrestle With Crime,” one of the most famous quotes to come from a South African cabinet minister, commenting on the carnage in that country:

“… they can continue to whinge until they are blue in the face, or they can simply leave this country.”

CNN and BBC are not verification enough for this creature; he expects to be fed with a visual image. The new breed of South African! One wonders how he copes with facts in a newspaper article. Does he write demanding a link to a visual? One wonders what he did before YouTube.

James, aka “Rainbow,” moreover, fully believes his e-mail constitutes an argument and that he is entitled to post any epistolary spasm on my blog—my private property. As you know, for some second-class citizens in the New South Africa, property rights are nominal. Having adopted this “ethic,” we can’t very well expect “Rainbow” to discern the subtle difference between what is mine and thine. Here goes:

“Ilana, I posted a critical comment here yesterday, pointing out just a few of your blantant [sic] inaccuracies and now I see it has been removed. [Scroll down here, and you’ll see that I did in fact post a comment by Rainbow.] Talk about censorship. I guess anyone is welcome to voice their opinion as long as they agree with you? You are really, really pathetic Ilana.” [He insults the host and expects he has a right to post on her blog. Talk about boorish.]

And he follows up:

“Rainbow – there is no video link on that CNN webpage and nothing that corroborates the first part of Ilana’s falsified quote.”

According to the BBC segment (linked in my column), the minister directed the comments to whites. The BBC is notorious not only for its leftist bias, but for its solid fact finding. They report: “One minister says only whites complain about crime and that they should leave South Africa if they don’t like it.”

Indeed, the quote is legion —it has passed into popular lore. James found it hard to watch the BBC, read the verbal rendition of the Minister’s proud moment on CNN (“South Africans: ‘Leave’ is no Answer to Violence“), and combine the information gleaned from both sources. So for the compromised James, here is the ‘delightful’ visual, ameliorated to exclude the racial component. It originates in the South African newscast, E-News, no less:

Charles Nqakula: “If you don’t like crime, get out” [I am not responsible for the expiration of YouTube links, should this occur in the future.]

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