UPDATED (1/12): NEW ESSAY: Memory & Indictment: Today’s Jewish Taliban Not The Israel I Grew Up In

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The Israel of my formative years was no Eden before the Fall, but it was not a terrorist state. Jewish supremacism, like the American exceptionalism driving the United States’ foreign policy, breeds barbarism ~ilana

NEW: “Memory & Indictment: Today’s Jewish Taliban Not The Israel I Grew Up In” was a feature on The New AmericanThe Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity (January 6), and The Mises Institute, Power & Market (January 8).

I am honored that the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, Daniel McAdams at the helm—from the get-go doing the work of the Lord—has featured the essay, Jewish Supremacism, Like American Exceptionalism, Breeds Barbarism.”

First, I ask you to consider: Are First Principles opinion? Are the rules of logic opinion? Is the Sixth Commandment opinion? Is it optional? Is Saint Thomas Aquinas’ Just War Theory opinion? Of course not. Immutable natural law is truth, not opinion.

The truths tackled

*The “Hamas Made Me Mass Murder ‘Argument'”.
The fact of “Murder And Ethnic Cleansing having been Mainstreamed, in Israel.
*The media tool that is “Fox News, providing War Porn Militarytainment to Americans and Israelis.
And some tools that front Fox, who promote “The Antisemitism Libel (Set Theory is in there. Oh, yeah; my mind takes me to math, sometimes).
*The ILLOGIC Of The Justification is dismantled.
All this against the backdrop of an account of the “Israel In Which I Grew Up.”
It’s Gone.

The piece, Memory & Indictment: Today’s Jewish Taliban Not The Israel I Grew Up In,” passed muster with my book editor’s gimlet eye. Robert James Stove, PhD, has written most kindly:

Wow. I think that this article might be your best literary production yet.
It taught me so much about Israel’s early decades which I didn’t know otherwise.
If you’d written nothing else in your life, you would still deserve salutes for this cri de coeur alone.

This wide-ranging essay, an intellectual and spiritual purge of sorts, spans, by necessity, past and present, the personal and the political, the philosophical and the factual.

As remarked,

One of the advantages of age … is historic perspective, harking back to the past. There is value in looking back, even if it is only to lament what is no longer. Doesn’t the Left preach the merits of processing grief?

And while this column generally avoids excess use of the singular, 1st person pronoun; there comes a time when the personal cannot be avoided in galvanizing on behalf of the victims in Gaza. VDARE’s Peter Brimelow, ever-so kindly and under personal duress, had written the Foreword to Broadsides: One’s Woman’s Clash With A Corrupt Culture (2002), my first book. This most observant of men observed the following:

Somewhat to my surprise, it is actually quite rare for this most emotionally intense of columnists to draw on … personal experiences. What seems to motivate Ilana, ultimately, is ideas

As painfully revealing as writing “Today’s Jewish Taliban is not the Israel I grew up in” was, it nevertheless accomplishes what it sought to achieve: To near-hermetically refute, I hope, almost every possible “argument” in support of Israel’s orgiastic murder spree in Gaza.

I aimed to seal the case against the prosecutors and defenders of a war, “70 percent of whose casualties are women and children.” Nobody can say, after reading this, that the war even remotely qualifies as a just war. Gazans are owed reparations for the irreparable.

Even explained is the difference between murder and “righteous killing,” with allusion to The Sixth Commandment’s “Thou shall not murder”. In Hebrew and in English.

There is nothing righteous about Israel’s murder spree in Gaza.

Conservatism Inc has currently banished such thinking, just as first-principles criticism of Genghis Bush was silenced during the United States’ war on Iraqis—only way worse: There is a monk-like devotion to Israel Über Alles among America’s Israel First media, left and right. Personally, I know very few fellow Jews—Stanton Peele, Esq., PhD, longtime colleague, is one—who are in agreement with “Today’s Jewish Taliban is not the Israel I grew up in“.

So, help me understand: I ask readers to please explain to me and to my readers why have Israel’s supporters not denounced the manifestly diabolical deeds being committed in Gaza?

Leave your comment here,  so others may understand to what you attribute this deformity. Anon is fine. Email me personally, if you simply cannot share your insights publicly. I want to hear and understand.

 The New American: “Memory & Indictment: Today’s Jewish Taliban.



The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity: Jewish Supremacism, Like American Exceptionalism, Breeds Barbarism.”



The Mises Institute, Power & Market, January 8


6 thoughts on “UPDATED (1/12): NEW ESSAY: Memory & Indictment: Today’s Jewish Taliban Not The Israel I Grew Up In

  1. Realist

    Ilana, thanks for your perspective, I always look forward to it.

  2. Amphibian

    A very powerful article indeed. Even by Ilana Mercer’s usual criteria.

    My own ignorance of Israel is more or less complete. I’ve never visited it; I’ve never particularly wanted to visit it; I’m not Jewish; and perhaps most important of all, I can’t speak a word of Hebrew. This last factor means that whatever signs of Israeli dissidence are left (Haaretz might contain some still) must be filtered to me through the conduit of translation.

    Nevertheless I’d like to think that I can recognize mass-murdering rage when I see it, and I strongly suspect that 99% of my contemporaries in the intelligentsia simply lack this basic gift. For the same reason that Orwell, in 1940, identified when writing about Dickens.

    Here’s what Orwell had to say on the topic. (The “Acland” to whom he refers was Sir Richard Acland, who enjoyed a fleeting but nationwide fame during World War II as an independent British politician.)

    “I think that because his [Dickens’s] moral sense was sound he would have been able to find his bearing in any political or economic milieu. So I think would most Victorians. The thing that frightens me about the modern intelligentsia is their inability to see that human society must be based on common decency, whatever the political and economic forms may be. Acland is apparently incapable of seeing that there is something wrong with the present Russian regime. Private property has been abolished, therefore (so he argues) everything must be more or less right. This seems to me to indicate the lack of moral nose. Dickens, without the slightest understanding of socialism, etc., would have seen at a glance that there is something wrong with a regime that needs a pyramid of corpses every few years.”

    “A pyramid of corpses every few years.” No doubt, Netanyahu is delighted at that vista before him. Count me out.

  3. Hugo Miller

    Israel is facing an existential threat from Hamas. Israel is dealing with this threat her way and being much criticised for so doing.
    But I have yet to see, among all the condemnation of what Israel IS doing, any constructive suggestion of what she SHOULD BE doing.
    I am instinctively pro-Israel, but many commentators whom I greatly admire take the contrary viewpoint.

  4. G*D

    But Ilana, you Jews have openly claimed for thousands of years that you consider your selves to be not only your “G*d’s Chosen” little helpers, but also literally “as gods” your selves, while we, as your racial “national” goyim enemy rivals are but literal beasts in human form, created to serve as your slaves, sex toys and even as your food – according to your Talmud. So, given that sort of in-group racial supremacism and your equally well-documented Bibilcally-Commanded imperialist/colonialist tendencies to wipe out “every man woman and infant” within the territories you Jews want to claim for your own, how can any of this latest obscenity be at all surprising to you? Judaism itself only exists to declare the supremacy of the Jewish race over all others (“Judah Uber Alles”) and that Israel (or “Zion”) is not only the apple of your G*d’s eye but also the center of the entire Created Universe itself. Given that level of criminal hypocrisy, where no matter what the real-world objective “Do Not Attack First/Who Started It?” cause-and-effect moral sequences are, you Jews subjectively hold your selves as having the responsibility-free right to be, the if not always right at least never wrong righteously heroic equally helpless fellow victims, and any and everyone who refuses to Submit! to that obvious lie, is your wrongfully villainous oppressors, thereby entitled to have no right to defend them selves from your lies, but only deserving of submitting to the responsibility to become and remain your slaves sex toys and food forever! In short, literally by self-definition, you Jews and your are self-defined by your own Judaic creed as natural criminal HEBOCRITES. And just as all criminals are obviously hypocrites, it’s equally true that all hypocrites are criminals, too. Just like any Muslim who remains a “Muslim” implicitly accepts that they are willing to remain a specific proponent who endorses and re-[resents the general violent threat Islam itself presents, any racial Hebrew who remains as self-identified “Jew” also at least tacitly endorses the threat Judaism presents!

  5. Chris Condon

    In order to defend itself, Israel seems to have demolished the Gaza Strip. When the war is finally over, will there be anything left for the displaced Palestinians to go back to? If not, could they move to some other part of the world? If so, where?

  6. Chris Condon

    The Israeli Government claims Israel has the right to defend itself. But if defending Israel means obliterating entire portions of the Near East, that is an admission that creating the nation of Israel was a mistake.

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