UPDATED: Famously Rear-Ended Reality Stars

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In my journalism-school days one looked up to the brilliant and brave late Oriana Fallaci. Now, it’s mediocrities like colorectal crusader Katie Couric and Barbara Walters who’re considered cutting-edge clever. The last is such an idiot. But being a little compromised himself, conservatives like Bill O’Reilly actually engage Walters over picking the Kardashians for her “Most Fascinating People List.” Past prime picks for this List were Paris Hilton, Victoria and David Beckham, and Justin Timberlake.

So you have Billy arguing with batty Bawbawa that the women have no merit as they don’t act, don’t sing, do nothing but whine. Acting and singing would not necessarily make them fascinating.

The meaning of the word “fascinating” evades Barbara and her interlocutor: “Possessing the power to charm or allure; captivating.”

Go to the next room. Crank up the sound so that you can get an earful of the nasal, narcissistic monosyllables that tumble from each Kardashian’s mouth. How “fascinating” is that without the visuals?

Repulsive, freaky, morally rudderless, inappropriately sexual and depraved, so much so that I can’t stop staring: That is a precise description of the “Kardashians.” And it is not the same as “fascinating.”

The “family” is contemptuous of one another (and in general), licentious, libertine, promiscuous; a really nasty bunch of people that browbeats an effete and ineffectual father and bitches at one another. Each female adores and will do anything at all for … herself. I’ll grant her this: Kim is probably the least offensive as a human being. There is something in her eyes.

Another conservative, Sean Hannity, once touted that all-round vulgarian and one-time porn star Kim Kardashian as a role model for young girls because she does not imbibe. For the sake of good taste I will not post a hyperlink to Kim’s on-camera, bottoms-up gymnastics with a former boyfriend. But I hope Hannity’s daughter, if he has one, does not take her dad’s moral guidelines seriously. (More HERE about other Fox News porn pinups.)

Promoted by errant adults like Hannity and the moron Walters, reality show filth has seduced budding slut Montana Fishburne.

“According to TMZ.com, the 19-year-old daughter of Oscar-nominated actor Laurence Fishburne recently said that she was inspired to get into the porn industry because Kardashian found mainstream success after starting out as a sex tape star.”

Laurence Fishburne told his daughter, “I’m not going to speak with you till you turn your life around.” “You embarrassed me,” he said. “You used your last name. No one uses their real name in porn.”

For every plainspoken Fishburne, there are incoherent, meandering conservatives—this one from Pajama Media—aplenty.

UPDATE (Dec. 18): FB thread: A depraved culture supports a depraved politics and vise versa.

8 thoughts on “UPDATED: Famously Rear-Ended Reality Stars

  1. Rob S

    Well, the Australian government – in a rare moment of competence – recently and successfully asked Kim K to leave these shores, on the grounds that since she had violated the no-paid-employment terms of her visiting visa by promoting her own fashion range, she could go and shake her booty somewhere else.

    [Now, that’s a good-news story!]

  2. james huggins

    As a young man the first thing I learned about computers was “garbage in, garbage out”. Meaning that a non-thinking machine will perform to standards set for it and no more. Those in public life generally have no more to achieve than those results ecpected by a public of low education, low morals and low expectations. Public life in our culture resembles nothing more than a combination of tabloid headlines and the plot of the most lurid daytime soap opera. Public figures whether sports, show biz or poltics dont’t have to achieve a high personal level of achievement because the public only resents the “high ground” of achievement and not only expect “Garbage in garbage out” they seem to prefer it.

  3. Greg

    Thank you for telling the truth about the Kardashians. I think of them as white trash and nothing else. They are grotesque and the women are nothing but skanks. Thanks for telling the truth about Barbara Walters and O’Reilly. Walters is a joke but is passed off as a serious journalist. O’Reilly is a pompous jerk and a sellout in my opinion. Fortunately I don’t have cable tv right now. No Fox news or any of the other propaganda outlets.

  4. George Pal

    That the exhibitionism of boobs and bums should be profitable and come with a degree of celebrity does not speak well of society.

    Here’s hoping the Kardashians, Ms. Fishburne, and that ilk will be chastened by the poor example set by Ms. Walters and Mr. Hannity.

  5. Robert Glisson

    I remember a book called “The path less traveled” I gave a copy to a friend but didn’t read it myself. But, somewhere along the line, I think the sentence should apply here. Probably in its most vulgar concept. Personally, I opine that it proves the statement “Television is a vast wasteland.”

  6. John Mattingly

    These lists remind me of good ol’ Ellsworth Toohey and his advice for destroying a society: “Don’t raze the shrines; enshrine mediocrity”.
    However, when I take a peek at popular culture I am horrified to find that many modern American ‘icons’ probably couldn’t attain mediocrity on their best day.

  7. Bill Meyer

    Were there a vote, your quote, “A depraved culture supports a depraved politics and vice versa”, is the best of 2011. It’s right up there with Will Grigg’s “If tyranny is the solution, we can deal with the problem”. Thank you, Ilana.

  8. Trilby

    All this MSM media filth – and “pro sports” – is purposeful distraction, anesthesia, arranged by TPTB. The globalists want white males in front of the idiot box, sucking on a beer can. Not thinking about the many ways their kind is being destroyed.

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