9 thoughts on “Support The Troops, Study History

  1. Trilby

    Smart, effective Ron Paul advocacy. I knew Chalmers Johnson back in the day, at UC Berkeley, via one of his Asian politics lecture courses; he was always on target, then and later. As for the substantive content of this video essay, I’m amazed at anyone who can discuss America’s disasterous Middle East activities w/o mentioning the words “neo-con” and “Israel”. Still, it’s the way to play it, and slickly done indeed. Paul has some dynamite media people on his side this time around. Thinking also of the anti-Gingrich commercial, which was brutally effective.

  2. David Smith

    “But don’t you see, we have our responsibilities as the sole remaining superpower . . . blah, blah, blah!”

    This video is right on. Unfortunately, there are still all too many of us veterans who continue to support neo-connery!

    RON PAUL 2012!!!

  3. My RON-PAUL i

    And who do “The Troops” support? Candidates who never served but want them to go around rooting Pushtuns out, bombing them, and creating new “terrorists” from their surviving cousins and kinsmen? Candidates who want to send them around the world for “humanitarian missions” against Libya, Uganda, etc. while their receive enormous financial contributions from the DoD contractors? Candidates who want to start wars of robotic airplanes that get shot down flying over other countries airspace? Candidates who make up pseudo-connections about Iraq-Iran-Hezbollah-Taliban-Al-Queda-Libya-Sudan-Hamas “nook-you-lar” weapons (out of concocted “intelligence”) ? Candidates that consider all of America to be a “battleground” to be patrolled by drones with citizens locked up indefinitely without habeas corpus? Candidates who vote to bankrupt the USA with spending and whose only solutions are “supercommittees”, “balanced budget amendments”, and other accounting gimmicks? Candidates who send them out risking life, limb, and sanity for Hamid Karzai while he rips off billions? Candidates more concerned for Goldman-Sachs than for their lives?

    Only Rick Perry and Ron Paul actually served in the military. The troops took an oath to the CONSTITUTION. One “nutcase” candidate who promises to follow that oath is receiving the most support from The Troops – Ron Paul.

  4. Dan Jeffreys

    Thank you so much Ilana for posting this up. If anyone watches that video all the way through without it making them think, than they surely have no brain.

  5. Contemplationist

    I was very turned off by Ron’s slandering of Bachmann, saying that she “hates Muslims.” That’s a typical leftist style smear. Some of us big RP supporters are very wary of Islam. There need be no dichotomy between non-interventionism and detesting the cult of Mohammad.

  6. My RON-PAUL i

    Contemplationist: While I find RP’s policies to be fine, I think he absorbs too much nonsense that comes out of the AntiWar movement and it sometimes comes out in these moments. Just because dropping bombs all over Jihadistan is a BAD idea does not make the Moslem warloards to be great people – any more than the fact that the Vietnam War was idiotic made the Stalinist Vietnamese Communists into great people…

  7. Robert Glisson

    The major problem that I can see in the video is that you are showing it in the US. We aren’t conditioned for this much information in one session. Maybe Japan or one of the islands can handle ten minutes but anything over five minutes causes brain fatigue; especially if it isn’t WWF or Survivor. Even American Idol is careful to keep the inane striking every three minutes. This will not play in Peoria.

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