Nasty In A Nose Bag

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A nose-bag clad Islamist crashes a rally in remembrance of Pvt. William Long, the soldier slain in Little Rock, Arkansas, by the Jihadi Carlos Bledsoe AKA Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad. Don’t you love the wry, under-the-breath comments uttered by peaceful American mourners, in response to the crow’s disrespectful shrieking? (For the sake of accuracy, “Fatima” is wearing an abaya, not a burka, although she should be covered completely like the restless parrot she is.)

6 thoughts on “Nasty In A Nose Bag

  1. Virgil

    So is she the Muslim Fred Phelps? I guess to her credit she wasn’t ranting for Jews to be thrown in ovens like one of her Muslim sisters did in a protest late last year in Florida. I wonder how long it will be before we regularly see angry, young, bearded Muslim men in the US holding up signs calling for beheadings and for more 9/11s (as their brethren in the UK so boldly do). Isn’t multiculturalism and open borders immigration great?

  2. Barbara Grant

    She was anti-Semitic as well as anti-Christian. I couldn’t place her accent, but thought I heard her say she was born “here.” “Here” can’t be Arkansas; I wonder if that is a Bronx accent? Not sure.

  3. Roger Chaillet

    This woman is damn lucky.

    White Southerners are damn polite.

    But they are patriotic to the nth degree.

    And armed to the teeth.

  4. William Cook

    If she lost the hijab, she’d be hard to notice in a gang of feminists. I’ve got to dub her “Twisted Sister.” Anyway …

    Interestingly, I was doing some research on liberalism and to my surprise, stumbled upon information about classical liberalism. I wrote the following in my own blog before I stumbled over yours:

    “Liberal and Liberalism as they are used today, retain very little of their original meanings. Today’s Liberalism equates to Statism and today’s Liberal is, for all intents and purposes, a Statist. Before they can plunder a society, statists know they must first “bind the strong man” of truth because truth is the statist’s greatest enemy. Statists achieve this objective by infecting a society’s time-honored traditional values with pathogenic philosophies such as Multiculturalism, Feminism, … and other vile ‘isms.’ Statists act as parasites that carry the societal plague called Statism. The first stage of Statism involves co-opting the host culture’s language, particularly as it relates to traditional values—a free society’s first line of defense against tyranny. To illustrate, American Statists have hijacked Classical Liberalism’s ‘individual liberty’ by shackling to it an “anything goes” meaning that amounts to moral turpitude. Thus, Statists have turned America’s time-honored value of individual liberty against our society in much the same way that an autoimmune disease turns the body’s own immune response against itself.”

    Also wrote:

    “The terrifying irony is this: As Political Islam (a redundancy) continues its steady rise to prominence in the West, the Law of the one and only God who is love, will gradually be replaced by an intolerant, oppressive, imposed Islamic morality that is at war with everything contemporary Liberals hold dear. The neo-Liberal values the West has stubbornly refused to let go of will be ripped from its hands to be replaced with Sharia. Voluntary adherence will be replaced by forced subjugation to Islamic law which despises Multiculturalism, Feminism, Homosexuality, Abortion and Hedonism and imposes austere penalties for law-breakers, capital punishment among them. Then the West which chose absolute “freedom” over the perfect “Law of Liberty” (James 2:12) will be given absolute tyranny.”

    Glad I found!

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