Update II: Too Pale To Stay?

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Somehow I think that if this little girl’s name were GARCIA, MARTINEZ, ALVAREZ, RODRIGUEZ, ROMERO, LOPEZ, FERNANDEZ, HERNANDEZ, GONZALES—she’d be allowed to stay in the US of A. Read the story of the impending deportation to Poland of 11-year-old Ewelina Bledniak. (And where-oh-where are the churches and the ACLU?)

If only my own sister were a poor, illiterate, Hispanic scofflaw, sucking at the state’s teat.

Update I (June 11): I’m not sure I can agree entirely with Robert. To an extent he is right: errors and injustices are a function of a lumbering bureaucracy. I think he’ll find, however, that because so many of the bureaucrats are affirmative, or plain illegal, appointees, they often enact their preferences. It is misguided to deny: 1) the tremendous powers of the bureaucracy. 2) That said organ doesn’t exercise these powers energetically. We live under an unrepresentative, managerial state, the kind James Burnham (if I’m correct) wrote about, and certainly our friend Paul Gottfried has covered extensively.

My personal experience: “My daughter was … stripped of her [green card] on a debatable technicality when entering the US from Canada. This took a heroic show of force from the brave, U.S. citizenship and immigration law enforcers at the border. Moral: U.S. immigration law is enforced against people who obey the law. No doubt her hard-won green card was needed urgently for a real Bandido.”

Update II (June 11): So far, I’ve being vindicated. Readers have put down Bledniak’s neglect to nothing more than a “lumbering bureaucracy.” But as I contended, if Bledniak were Banderas, she’d have had CNN’s THELMA GUTIERREZ’s full support.

Tonight, GUTIERREZ went to bat for a “brilliant girl”—so brilliant, she has an “A” in “Race and Gender”—who cannot get you and me to pay for her Harvard degree in Education (worth nothing, clearly), because… wait for it: she’s illegal. However, unlike the Polish cherub, Nancy the Hispanic is not being deported.

The transcripts are here. Just as I surmised in the initial post, Nancy’s equally “brilliant” Harvard professors are LATINAS.

The “matric”—high-school finals—I sat for in Israel was harder than anything this “genius” has done at university. These students graduate from high school without math in the syllabus. Unheard of in my days, if you wanted a university entrance matric. And yes, I will (a little later) inflict on you the kind of core curriculum I was compelled to undertake for the first-rate academic matric I earned in Israel, back in the day.
This Nancy would be relegated to the sewing class—we were streamed into different paths in accordance with academic aptitude in those days. With the kind of nonacademic subjects “Nancy” has taken, GUTIERREZ’s protege would not have qualified to sit the academic finals in my old high-school. But then things have changed in Israel since then too.

8 thoughts on “Update II: Too Pale To Stay?

  1. Myron Pauli

    And another joke is that Yaser Esam Hamdi, born in the US, but who left after a few months – never returned – never learned English – never voted – never paid taxes – or even CLAIMED to be an American – is considered by 99% of the political idiots to be one although the 14th Amendment contains the language: ” …and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside …” – he had NO residence and was never subject of any jurisdiction! When my daughter applied for citizenship, it went into a black hole for several years and my late ex-Congressman and his staff did nothing to even find out her status – and the INS does not even have a phone # or website to make an inquiry about status! That is our modern idea of law and justice.

  2. Van Wijk

    Right again. This has absolutely everything to do with race. And you can count on one of the Son of Amon-Ra’s catamites to make a lame “regrettable-but-we-must-respect-the-rule-of-law” argument. Of course, the subtext of this translates to: “Better a million Mestizos than one white. The Pharaoh has spoken!”

  3. Virgil

    If only she was a drunk driver from Mexico, then she would have the politicians and the liberal-left organizations jumping threw hops on her behalf. But apparently amnesty advocates like John McCain, Ted Kennedy, and Nancy Pelosi can’t be bothered if the “illegal” didn’t sneak across the southern border and get involved in criminal behavior.

  4. Robert Glisson

    Janet Reno, during the Clinton reign, sent the Cuban boy back (Elias Gonzales, I think his name was). I think that this problem is a bureaucratic problem. As Mr. Pauli stated in regard to his daughter, the Immigration Bureau is not set up to work with the public, nor the immigrants either maybe. I knew a person from the Philippines, facing deportation because he had stayed past his visa to attend graduate school. I went to the Immigration office in Oklahoma City (164 miles away) to see if I could learn of his status and ended up leaving the Immigration office in frustration. The Immigration employees stayed behind a screen gossiping among themselves (I learned some interesting things about people I didn’t know), while ignoring me and the other people, who were obviously immigrants, there on business. The immigrants had a resigned look on their faces like, “If you wait long enough, someone will eventually come to the counter and answer your questions.” Not during my half hour wait. Hopefully now that it has made the news, someone will clear up the problem without making her go back for a year or more, though she might find a better country to live in while she’s there.

  5. Robert Glisson

    “I’m not sure I can agree entirely with Robert.” It would be foolish to agree with me completely, I don’t agree entirely with myself either.
    “I think he’ll find, however, that because so many of the bureaucrats are affirmative, or plain illegal, appointees, they often enact their preferences.” (Really? Ok.) “We live under an unrepresentative, managerial state.” (“Amen”)

  6. M. B. Moon

    I am rather weary of references to “the left”. Socialism in this country is a direct consequence of government backed fractional reserve banking which caused the Great Depression. Until we have honest and/or free banking and money creation in this country who is to say that the socialists don’t have a point or two? FRB oppresses the poor who are typically the last to receive the new money created and are thus subjected to an “inflation tax”.

    [I’m not sure of that; is it not the case that all us stiffs far from power get hit by inflation? And then again “the poor” also are net tax consumers.]

  7. M. B. Moon

    “And then again “the poor” also are net tax consumers.” Ilana

    Maybe so. But during the Great Depression the unemployment rate was 25%. Character defects could not, IMO, account for such a high rate. Instead of fixing the root cause, which is dishonest banking, a few crumbs were thrown to the unemployed to pacify and corrupt them. Meanwhile, free market capitalism took the blame. I read once that one of the wonders of socialism was that it could make Germans and Chinese lazy. My point is that the FR bankers started the drive toward socialism with their clever method of government backed stealing.

  8. Myron Pauli

    Elian Gonzales was being kept here by right-wing Cubans so the leftist media would not object to his deportation. While I did not like the tactics used by Janet Reno, Elian’s dad wanted his son and the US Government had no reason to facilitate kidnapping a child from his only parent. It makes me wonder about “family values” Republicans who decide that hatred of Castro is a reason to negate the rights of (commie) dads.

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