NEW: A Woman Of The Right: The Person Vs. The Polemicist

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A Woman Of The Right: The Person Vs. The Polemicist” is on WND.COM and The Unz Review.

Or, as my editor puts it (he’s wry funny): “Ilana Mercer explains why some claim she ‘eats nails for breakfast.’” I explain why I don’t, of course.

Today’s offering, at WND, includes “On First Principles, The Person Vs. The Polemicist, And Life After Politics,” and other in-depth conversations with my colleague and partner from across the pond, David Vance. The first is a brief introduction to my YouTube channel. Here:

2 thoughts on “NEW: A Woman Of The Right: The Person Vs. The Polemicist

  1. Ray TDO on Gab

    Ok, this has captioning, I mentioned on Gab I was virtually deaf, so it’s nice to be able to grasp what you are saying. It’s very frustrating to not be able to enjoy videos from intelligent people, it tends to reduce the world to slapstick comedy, and it’s already close enough to that.

    I’m not saying you were apologizing for “writing like a man”, but regardless, my “teacher” told me she had to learn to “think like a man”, and both my wife and mother were very capable of doing that as well. All are dead, alas. It simply means using logic and reason to make decisions rather than emotion and intuition. Both approaches are valid, both have their strengths and weaknesses. I’ve not lived the cloistered life that most academics and professionals have, and if I hadn’t learned to use intuition and “gut feeling”, that is, “something’s wrong here”, I would be dead. The nice thing about women that learn to do this is they don’t have the male ego, so I’ve found they can be some of the clearest thinkers of all. Unfortunately, they tend to be very rare, and that certainly describes you.

    I also appreciate your “reality based analysis”, I was a welder/diesel mechanic, there is only one rule, “Does it work?” Belief has nothing to do with it, all that matters is whether the work you’ve done functions according to specifications, does it meet or exceed the expected service life. I don’t care what it is, machines, relationships, politics, religion, making lunch, “Does it work?”, is my guiding principle. “Reality based analysis” is a perfect way of expressing that idea.

    So just my opinion, but I feel you can be very proud of the fact you have done what most women will never do, but not lost your femininity in the process, and your writing and views are all the more valuable for that. Quite a lady, I must say.

    Last, it’s nice to see you, you’re a doll. I don’t care how you write, I’m not about to mistake you for one of the boys. Yeah, shame on me, whatever. ??
    “No matter how happily a woman may be married, it always pleases her to discover that there is a nice man who wishes that she were not.”
    H. L. Mencken

  2. Ilana Mercer Post author

    I read you on Gab, Ray. It was really nice to connect over there. I am so sorry I didn’t accommodate well enough for your hearing loss. Do please let me know how I can do better. If you have any knowledge of how to activate the transcript on YouTube, please let me know, asap. I have seen it appear occasionally, but the Admin section is without a facility to activate it, unless I am missing it.

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